New Treadmill Desk Designs Are Great

New Treadmill Desk Designs Are Great

  New Treadmill Desk Designs Are Great.       Hello I’m Steve Paterson and Corporate Wellness is so important these days it just can’t be ignored. The real question is what are the best tools to provide Wellness options for your people? When I found the Treadmill Desk I knew this was an awesome tool if it was delivered properly.   The 2 major issues we’ve solved are: low treadmill quality and placement inside the Read more

2017 year of the Treadmill Desk walking workstation

2017 Year Of The Treadmill Desk Walking Workstation

    2017  Year Of The Treadmill Desk Walking Workstation.   Some people call it a “Treadmill Desk,” but it is a “Walking Workstation” by definition and function.   If you haven’t had the experience of walking while working, it is coming to a busy office near you, SOON!   WHY, because this is the best Wellness tool American companies have to reduce the costs of Health Insurance,  improve productivity in the office, and help Read more

Rent Treadmill Desk

Rent Treadmill Desk for your Corporate Wellness Program

                          Rent Treadmill Desk for your employees Corporate wellness program. The greatest wellness tool corporate wellness has today is the Treadmill Desk.  Rent an Enterprise quality treadmill desk on a month to month agreement.  This Enterprise quality treadmill desk is a Health Club quality treadmill that can be used all day long by everyone who works in your busy office. Why is this Read more

treadmill desk los angeles

Treadmill Desk Los Angeles California

   Rent Treadmill Desk Los Angeles California Walking while working is the newest and most popular wellness tool for Los Angeles business’s.  Sitting all day at your desk is now called the new SMOKING epidemic.  Sitting at a desk all day is killing the productivity of the Los Angeles workforce. Now you have the option to RENT an Enterprise quality treadmill desk workstation that can be used all day by all your employees.  DO NOT Read more

Treadmill Desks

Treadmill Desks Make America Great Again

  Treadmill Desks:  A Place To Walk & Work At The Same Time. Have you ever worked in the office while walking on treadmill desks? This is a REVOLUTION for the Corporate Wellness departments in all of our great Companies in America. Every working person that sits at least 5 hours a day needs to have access to a Treadmill workstation. And the Human resource department will not have to shove this wellness medicine down Read more

Did Oregon Approve Treadmill Desks In State Offices?

We are waiting for Oregon to pass the bill that will bring Treadmill desk workstations to state employees offices. Legislators in the State of Oregon are pushing a bill that would bring treadmill desk walking workstations to state offices. The bill would set in motion a 2 year pilot program to test treadmill desk workstations inside Oregon state offices. A test to determine the effectiveness of working while walking. Oregon is the first state to Read more

Conference Calls On A Treadmill Desk

Best Conference Calls On A Treadmill Desk

Conference Calls On A Treadmill Desk. Conference Calls On A Treadmill Desk Have your best conference calls walking on a Treadmill Desk Workstation. Your next conference call is with the management team at one of your biggest prospects. Call in time is 2:30 PM, so you bring your lap top, energy drink and iPhone, to the Treadmill Workstation. Turn on the treadmill and raise the elevation to 2% and raise the speed to 1.5 MPH. Read more

Fitbit and Treadmill Desk

Fitbit and Treadmill Desk

The FitBit Treadmill Desk are a winning combination to help improve Corporate Wellness for your employees in the busy office workspace. Fitbit Treadmill Desk work best together for employee Wellness. Walking and working on a Treadmill Desk is the best wellness tool you can add to your Company.  Then monitoring the steps completed each day with the Fitbit makes sure your employees achieve their daily goal of walking 10,000 steps. The Fitbit counts steps and Read more

Treadmill Desk

Treadmill Desk Price List

Treadmill Desk Price List. Looking for a Treadmill Desk Price List? Your Company has finally agreed to provide Treadmill Desk Workstations throughout the office for the Employees Wellness benefit. Now it’s your job to gather Treadmill Desk Price List, from Treadmill Desk Companies to bring to your next budget meeting. You have 3 choices to choose from when providing Treadmill desk workstations inside your Business. You have the option to Purchase, Lease or RENT this Read more