Walking For Wellness

Walking for wellness should be your fitness of choice.  


Walking With Friends

Don’t like to workout hard?   You do not care to look like a fitness model?   Walking for wellness is easy, natural, and makes you feel better, INSTANTLY.

The wellness improvements walking will provide has been given a lot of attention in recent years.  Because most of us have a sitting problem.   We sit for too many hours everyday.  Walking just 20 to 30 minutes can improve your quality of life and walking is Free and you do not have to buy a gym membership or expensive equipment.

Walking increases blood flow circulation, lowering your blood pressure and making your heart stronger.  Walking can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels. Walking daily will improve muscle strength, bone strength and CORE fitness.

Walking will help weight loss by burning from 70 to 150 calories per mile.  And raises your metabolism even after you are done walking. Walking lowers your stress level and enhances clear thinking and boosts the creative process.  Walking helps you sleep better, increases daily energy and decreases levels of depression.

Start walking to improve mental & physical health.  And if you walk at work, you can improve your productivity in the workplace. Walking while working is the new WORKOUT inside American Corporations.  If you have never tried a treadmill desk workstation, get on one the first chance you get.

Schedule walking meetings with other employees at your workplace.  Walk on your lunch-break.  Walk with your kids on the weekends.  Walk every chance you get.

If you are having trouble finding times to walk be encouraged by the INNOVATIONS taking place with the Treadmill desk.  Soon you will have these machines to walk while working all around you.  Make a request to your Human Resources manager to provide Treadmill desk walking workstations inside your Office.

WALK, WALK, and WALK some more for Wellness!