Treadmill Desk Price List

Treadmill Desk Price List.

treadmill desk

Treadmill Desk Workstation

Looking for a Treadmill Desk Price List?

Your Company has finally agreed to provide Treadmill Desk Workstations throughout the office for the Employees Wellness benefit.

Now it’s your job to gather Treadmill Desk Price List, from Treadmill Desk Companies to bring to your next budget meeting.

You have 3 choices to choose from when providing Treadmill desk workstations inside your Business.

You have the option to Purchase, Lease or RENT this employee productivity tool for your Company.

PURCHASE:  There are many Companies selling Treadmill Desks that will work with the treadmill you already own.  Then you can find some Companies that will sell you the treadmill and the desk.  Most Companies are putting the Treadmill Desk inside the employees main office workspace.  Buying a treadmill desk for each employee who participates.  This is not the best way to do it. The treadmills supplied with the desk are low quality and often break-down making the treadmill desk workstation useless.  When you own it, all the maintenance and repair costs are your responsibility.

LEASE:  Their are a few Companies that will Lease you the treadmill and the desk but this is really just a fancy way to finance the Treadmill Desk.  You still own it and you have to pay for maintenance and repairs when the treadmill breaks.

RENT:  There is only 1 Company that is Renting a Commercial quality Treadmill Desk on only a month to month agreement.  When you Rent your Treadmill Desk you do not have a Capital burden and you can post the monthly cost as an Operational Expense.  Renting a high quality treadmill for only $6 dollars per day that all the employees can use.  Is the lowest cost because you never pay for maintenance or repairs of the treadmill.

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This Rental option is easy to get started because it is a simple month to month agreement that includes all the treadmill maintenance and repairs.  You can cancel this rental agreement with just a 30 day notice.  Just add the monthly budget rental expense to your employee wellness operational cost.

When you are comparing the full cost of providing Treadmill Desks for your employees, The Rental option is the smartest decision.

The Price you can take to your budget meeting is $199. rental cost per month.

 $199. monthly cost for each Treadmill Desk Workstation you need to provide for your employees.   This is not a Lease, and you know this price includes many employees using the Treadmill Desk Workstation every day.  

Putting a Treadmill Desk inside the office of each employee is just not the best way to provide this employee wellness benefit.

When you Rent you can be assured that your Company only pays about .75-Cents for every hour your employees walk while working at your Rented Treadmill Desk Workstation.

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