2017 Year Of The Treadmill Desk Walking Workstation


2017 treadmill desk


2017  Year Of The Treadmill Desk Walking Workstation.


Some people call it a “Treadmill Desk,” but it is a “Walking Workstation” by definition and function.


If you haven’t had the experience of walking while working, it is coming to a busy office near you, SOON!  

WHY, because this is the best Wellness tool American companies have to reduce the costs of Health Insurance,  improve productivity in the office, and help employees not sit so much at work.

I have been involved with the Corporate wellness and fitness industry since 1989 and I have never seen anything that has a better ROI and is actually USED by 90% of the office employees that have access to one.  2017  the year of the Treadmill Desk Walking Workstation because it WORKS!



2017 Year of the treadmill desk walking workstation

READ MORE.   2017 the year of Corporate Fitness and Wellness.


Fitbit and Treadmill Desk

When you put a FitBit and a treadmill desk walking workstation in the same office you get more productivity and healthier employees.  The FitBit is a great wellness tool.  Read all about it. Click the blue title.  What I loved is I could get to 10,000 steps a day in the office in an hour and a half.  I would break it up into # 3,  30-minute sessions, walking and working.



Best Conference Calls On A Treadmill Desk


This is all about my favorite work task to complete while walking at my treadmill desk walking workstation.  This is my secret weapon to getting more business done, and feeling great at the end of each workday.  Read this article and start doing it.



All About the Walking Workstation with a Video-DEMO

You Like to watch video?  This has a great, close up user demo that really says it all.  Click the blue title to watch the video.  See all the different tasks you can accomplish while completing valuable work.  That really is the key, you have to be able to get work done.  And if you feel better and lose weight while working.  Then it is something you should look into.