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Corporate Wellness Innovations Great For America

Corporate Wellness Innovations are helping America Companies know they are better off with healthier employees.  Corporate wellness innovations are WHY more companies are offering wellness & rewards programs to encourage employees to be more productive and healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), says that 98% of companies that have 200 employees or more, offer a wellness program as part of their wellness benefits. The new workplace wellness innovations are enabling companies to Read more

Did Oregon Approve Treadmill Desks In State Offices?

We are waiting for Oregon to pass the bill that will bring Treadmill desk workstations to state employees offices. Legislators in the State of Oregon are pushing a bill that would bring treadmill desk walking workstations to state offices. The bill would set in motion a 2 year pilot program to test treadmill desk workstations inside Oregon state offices. A test to determine the effectiveness of working while walking. Oregon is the first state to Read more