Rent Gym Equipment Reno Nevada

Rent Gym Equipment Reno Nevada.


Reno Nevada, “The Biggest Little City” is booming in Corporate Fitness & Wellness.


Rent Gym Equipment Reno Nevada

Reno Nevada


Tesla Motors made it clear it would build an electric car battery plant in Reno NV. Expecting to add  21,500 jobs and $90 billion in economic impact to the Nevada Reno economy.


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Reno Nevada’s political leaders came to the reality that tourist and gamblers were not the future for Reno’s Corporate growth. 

Reno Nevada is a Corporation friendly city with low corporate taxes and no personal income taxes.  Reno is a right-to-work state, which stops labor contracts and unions at private companies.

Reno Nevada is moving away from tourism and Casinos.  And building out its infrastructure to accommodate the Corporate client needs.

Corporate America is thriving in the city of Reno Nevada.  The Corporate fitness & wellness in the workplace is driving people to move to Reno as a positive career change.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has positioned its professional fitness equipment technicians to serve the city of Reno Nevada.  Making Reno the preferred city to focus on helping the Corporate clients that are thriving.  The Hotel, Condo associations, and apartment MultiFamily properties.  And the medical rehabilitation fitness facilities.

We have carefully chosen the best cities with the most forward-thinking business community.  So we can make our point easier to smarter management teams who are on the cutting edge future.  When we explain our position about Fitness Equipment As A Service, they just get it.

When we have meetings with successful Corporations in Reno, about this Rental option they tell us;  WE GET IT.

We were not surprised at all when the TESLA Company decided to open its state-of-the-art battery plant in the city of Reno Nevada.  And we expect our newest product, TREADMILL DESK WORKSTATION Rentals, to be hottest in the Reno Corporate fitness community. 

American business is turning to the Software as a service and Fitness equipment as a service model.  Paying a simple month to month service fee that gives the Corporation the service results they need without a long-term contract they can’t cancel.

It’s all about proving your worth to these Companies in Reno on a month to month agreement and if the vendors cannot perform.  Then get out of the way.

American Companies who are on the cutting edge cannot afford to have vendor services that do not perform as promised.


Reno Nevada is also host to many MultiFamily Apartment properties. Condo association HOA properties. Medical & Rehabilitation centers.  And Hotel fitness centers. The Rent Fitness Company serves all of these businesses to make their On-site fitness facilities EASY.

So call us today and start a conversation about how we can help your Company make your On-site fitness facility EASY.


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