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 Rent Treadmill Desk Los Angeles California

Walking while working is the newest and most popular wellness tool for Los Angeles business’s.  Sitting all day at your desk is now called the new SMOKING epidemic.  Sitting at a desk all day is killing the productivity of the Los Angeles workforce.

Now you have the option to RENT an Enterprise quality treadmill desk workstation that can be used all day by all your employees.  DO NOT put a treadmill desk inside the office workspace of your participating employees.   Because a typical work day an employee will walk and work for 2 hours a day.   The other 6 hours the treadmill just gets in the way.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is renting an enterprise quality treadmill desk walking workstation that can be used by all the employees, all day long.  This heavy-duty walking workstation is placed inside a large office space.  Any employee can get up out of their chair, bring their laptop, cup of coffee and smart phone to the walking workstation.  And get real productive work accomplished while walking.

This popular walking workstation is a health club quality treadmill with a large, high quality desk that gives the user a large workspace to get real work done while walking.   The improved productivity, working while walking will change the face of the American workforce.  While adding wellness to the employees we all love and care for.

Now this wellness tool has many benefits to the Corporation and to the employee.  Corporations are most concerned about productivity.  And employees want to enhance their wellness while they are at work 40 hours a week.

This is a win-win wellness tool.  Nothing has a better ROI than this wellness walking workstation.

treadmill desk los angeles california

Treadmill desk

After more than 20 years in the corporate wellness industry I have seen it all.   I have sold to and rented to the biggest companies in Los Angeles and this is the game breaker.    The corporate fitness center only gets a 10% usage by employees.   But this walking workstation gets a 90% participation rate.

It is easy to see why.  Employees have to use the company fitness center on their own time.  Before work, during a lunch-break or after work.  The employee has to change into workout clothes and after a sweaty workout they have to take a shower with other employees.   This is why 90% of employees opt out of the corporate fitness center.

I have found that the walking workstation gets 90% use by employees because they do not get sweaty.   They do not need to put on workout clothes and they can walk and work in their socks, stockings or bare feet.   This makes it an easy wellness tool that most of your employees will participate in.  I mean, come on…They get wellness, are more work productive, while they are getting paid.  This is a no brainer.   Tell your employer you want an Enterprise walking working station inside your workspace.  They will listen to you.

Look at the detailed website pages posted on our website   Walking Workstations,   and see for yourself why this is the best wellness tool for your company.

Let me end this article with a personal message.  My first class in college was about corporate wellness in 1987.   My first business experience of selling products to corporate fitness was in 1989.   Then the next 20 years I sold Gym equipment to large companies for their corporate fitness centers.  But I finally came to the conclusion that a 90% non participation rate was not acceptable. Now I am delivering the best enterprise walking workstation to large companies because this is what is best for their valued employees.

Contact my company and tell your human resource manager that you want a few of these treadmill desk workstations inside your office so all of your employees can use it all day long.

Call me at 877-736-8348.    Email me at  And fill out the Ask-A-Question form and I will reply to your questions.

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