Rent Gym Equipment In Spokane Washington For Your Business


Renting Gym Equipment in Spokane Washington is growing in popularity.


Rent Gym Equipment Spokane Washington

Rent Gym Equipment Spokane Washington

Spokane Washington Corporate Fitness & Wellness Community.


Obesity rates have skyrocketed throughout the United States, but did you know that obesity rates and risks are lower in individuals who participate in corporate fitness and wellness programs offered by employers?



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Not only do your employees benefit, but as employers, you can also reap the benefits of a corporate fitness and wellness program. Statistics have shown that employees who participate in corporate fitness programs can decrease some of their healthcare costs, improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism. It is also shown that some corporate programs may boost loyalty and moral in your employees.

Health Services Rent Gym Equipment Spokane Washington.


Standard services, that may be contained in corporate fitness and wellness programs in Spokane, include blood pressure screenings, BMI testing, bones density tests, and HDL and LDL tests. Other potential services for your employees include diabetes services, health coaching, lactation services, tobacco cessation and weight loss programs. Some corporations take an extra step and have on-site corporate fitness facilities for their employees.

Avista, Potlatch Corporation, and Sunshine Health Facilities are a few of the larger corporations located in Spokane, Washington with an established corporate fitness and wellness workplace program for employees.

Spread the Word

Do you want a successful wellness program for your company? Here are four suggestions on how to get the word out to your employees about the benefits of corporate fitness and health:

Have a catchy name for your program. Catchy names may attract employee interest.

Start small. Some people find that attaining better health and fitness can be an intimidating process. To decrease levels of intimidation, start small.

Begin with several pieces of workout equipment, like 3 elliptical cross trainers, 2 treadmills, and a multi-gym workout station.


Show genuine concern. Create a wellness program for your employees that have THEIR best interests at heart. Rent Gym Equipment Spokane Washington

Distribute promotional material. Give out brochures and flyers describing the perks of your company’s fitness and wellness program. Explain how each individual employee can benefit from the services offered.

Employees who are enrolled in their company’s fitness and wellness program often have lower obesity rates and risks. They may also have decreased anxiety, better working relationships and a better sense of overall well-being.

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Rent Gym Equipment Spokane Washington.

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