Apartment Fitness Centers Multi-Family

Apartment fitness center multi-family

Apartment Fitness Center

“So You need to get New Gym equipment for your Apartment Fitness Facility.”

Imagine if you had a “Professional” Safe and popular fitness facility and you never have to lease or purchase the gym equipment?  

Your maintenance and repairs are completed on a turn-key process.   And You don’t pay for it.

You pay a simple monthly service fee that takes care of the cost of the Gym equipment and every other expense that comes with it.

“I will make sure YOU Do Not make the 8 most expensive mistakes.”

Hello, I am Steve Paterson and I created the Rent Fitness Equipment Company in 2004. For the simple reason, I wanted to help Companies just like yours.

I have been a business owner in the Gym equipment industry for 25 years. And I know how to do it right and save you MONEY!

“My Job Is To Make Sure Your Fitness Center Equipment Operates At The Lowest Possible Operating Cost.”

This is NOT about Gym Equipment.  

This is about Me helping You provide a Safe, Popular, and turn-key fitness facility at your Apartment fitness center. 

You get the best Fitness equipment Made-In-America. With a month-to-month agreement, you can STOP at any time with a 30-day notice.  At No Cost to you.

“Look around my website if you have some extra time.”

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