Government fitness centers can RENT Health Club Quality fitness equipment on a month-to-month contract. Includes regular equipment maintenance and FREE repairs forever.

In the current economic climate, federal, state, and local government agencies are under tight budgetary constraints. The demand for Government Fitness Facilities must always be balanced with restricted capital expenditures. Buying commercial-grade fitness equipment can be very expensive, thus making opening new Government Fitness Centers politically and financially untenable. But has the solution.

We rent commercial-grade fitness equipment to every level of government agency — from local, to state, to federal. This includes police and fire departments, recreation centers, municipal offices and government agencies, sprawling federal programs like Job Corps — and many more.

In short, Government Fitness Centers are our specialty.

We rent on a month-to-month basis, with no long-term obligation. We provide you with a stable, predictable single line-item in your monthly budget. No major capital expenditures, no long-term investments, no messy contracts. Just commercial-grade fitness equipment at a great price — and a Government Fitness Center that always function in top form.

We also take care of all the headaches involved with maintaining a Government Fitness Center.

Selecting, supplying, installing and maintaining commercial-grade fitness equipment is our core skill set. When you start an order, our FitnessEquipment Experts will help you design your entire Government Fitness Center, based upon budget and space requirements.

Once you’ve placed your order, our Fitness Engineers will deliver the rented fitness equipment to your property and install everything. They’ll also perform regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs; thanks to our patented Treadmill Saver technology, we’ll always know when your machines need servicing. Should a machine break down, we’ll have someone there to repair or replace it promptly.

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