Arizona State University Rents Fitness Equipment



Arizona State University Rents Fitness Equipment and is another happy client of the Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University has moved into the Phoenix Arizona area and is able to serve companies in Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa and Glendale Arizona areas.


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Arizona State University is renting Health Club quality gym equipment on only a month to month agreement that includes all the regular preventive maintenance. And all fitness equipment repairs are free forever.


IMAGINE if your University could rent the best fitness center with a simple monthly service.  Get the best Gym equipment made in America and save the most amount of money?

We call this Fitness-Equipment-as-a-Service. With just a simple monthly rental payment your company will get the best Health Club quality gym equipment in America. And you do not have to purchase or lease it.

This simple monthly rental service is very simple to get started and is even easier to cancel if it’s not the best situation for your Company.

All you have to do is get a simple monthly budget approved to acquire all the fitness equipment you need. With A preventive maintenance contract, and a bumper-to-bumper warranty with all repair parts included.  You are not signing a Lease.

This monthly rental program is perfect for college Universities because it is so simple to get approved. Making a capital purchase or lease for a large university can be a lengthy approval process with all the red tape and department requirements needed.

But getting a simple monthly budget approved with only a 30-day agreement that can be canceled at any time with no questions asked. Is A simple(er) process to get approved.

We only rent the top Health Club brands like Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, and Star Trac.

Make your fitness facility equipment our problem. Let our professional fitness equipment technicians come to your facility and maintain and repair the fitness equipment at our expense.

We Love Renting Fitness Equipment To Arizona Companies.

You can start your Gym equipment Rental with only one machine. Get started by only replacing the fitness machines, in your Gym, that are old and breaking down.

Yu get a simple monthly service fee and everything is thought out for you.  You never have to be concerned with the quality, maintenance or the repairs of the gym equipment.

We will put that one fitness machine on a simple month to month rental that includes the maintenance and repairs. Then as the other machines break-down, as you know they do, we gradually replace each machine as needed.



Once you experience the service we provide to you. And how professional we take care of our Gym equipment inside your facility. You will NEVER want to stop using the Rental option.

The RENTAL option is the FUTURE of the On-site fitness facility.

Arizona State University, ASU or often called Arizona State. Is a public University dedicated to research. ASU is home to 5 campuses in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

ASU is the largest public university based on enrollment in the United States. The current ASU President is Michael Crow.

Arizona State University Rents Fitness Equipment.

Now that the Rent Fitness Equipment Company has moved into the Greater Phoenix Arizona area.  Your Company can use the Rental option to make your on-site fitness facility a success, EASIER, and for less cost.

Tempe Arizona has a large supply of Corporate Fitness centers.

asu university

Arizona State University

Scottsdale Arizona has a large population of medical and hospital rehabilitation centers that can now RENT the professional commercial Gym equipment they need to serve their patients.

This is exciting times for the State of Arizona and making on-site fitness centers popular and managed, EASIER, and at a lower expense to your Company.