Rent Treadmill Desk for your Corporate Wellness Program

Rent Treadmill Desk for your employees Corporate wellness program.

The greatest wellness tool corporate wellness has today is the Treadmill Desk.  Rent an Enterprise quality treadmill desk on a month to month agreement.  This Enterprise quality treadmill desk is a Health Club quality treadmill that can be used all day long by everyone who works in your busy office.

Why is this the greatest wellness tool for corporate wellness?  Because it is used by 90% of the employees.  Most employees will walk while working at least 2 hours everyday.  This walking while working wellness tool can be used barefoot, in socks, or stockings.  Employees do not have to put on workout clothes and they do not get sweaty.  

The key is to “NOT” place the treadmill desk inside an employees main office workspace.  Because after about 2 hours of walking each day the treadmill just gets in the way.

The key is to RENT an Enterprise high quality treadmill desk that can be used by all of your people all day long.

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Don’t Do It This Way

If you want to see how this walking workstation will help your corporate wellness program and make your people more productive while working?  You want to RENT treadmill desks on a month to month agreement that includes all the regular maintenance of the Enterprise treadmill + desk and all repairs are Free.   You want to provide a great wellness product for your employees but you do not want to purchase the treadmill desks and you do not have time to maintain and repair the treadmill when it breaks down.

When you RENT a treadmill desk you pay about .75cents for every hour your employee walks while working.  This is the best wellness ROI you can add to your corporate wellness program.

The Enterprise treadmill desk improves productivity in the workplace.   Many working tasks can be completed while walking which makes a huge impact on wellness.   Employees can participate in conference calls,  watch training videos, reply to emails, read reports, and make phone calls to clients and leads.

When you RENT you do not have to make a capital purchase of treadmill desks and you do not have to make a long-term commitment.  This is not a LEASE and you can cancel the rental agreement with a 30 day notice.  So this is easy to get approved by management.   You just need to approve a monthly budget to add this great wellness product to your company.

I will not talk about how much of a difference walking while working makes compared to sitting while working.  The evidence on the internet is unlimited about why sitting at work is the new smoking epidemic.  You probably already know this and that is why you are reading this article.

If you find other companies on the internet that advertise the rental option.  Please read in detail their policy.  It is not a true month to month rental.  It is a rent to own trial that does not include the regular maintenance and repairs are not Free.  It really is a Lease contract that does not give you the option to make changes and get out of the contract.  And you pay for maintenance and repairs.

The most important point is that these treadmill desk companies are not providing a heavy-duty ENTERPRISE quality treadmill.  Their treadmills are built for one or 2 users each day and their warranty policy explains this.  When you walk on a Health Club quality treadmill it is 7 feet long.  With lots of space to walk comfortably.  And our treadmill motors are high quality and do not make noise when a heavy person is walking at slow speed.  

The most comfortable platform to walk while working is on a $9,000 dollar treadmill built to handle employees that can weigh as much as 450 pounds.  With a high torque motor that works perfect at .5 MPH.   

My favorite walking while working speed is .9 MPH up to about 1.5 MPH.   Our treadmills can go as high as 3 MPH but I find it hard to work higher than 1.5 MPH.

I recently installed 3 treadmill desk to a real estate office in Dallas Texas that had purchased treadmill desk and placed them in the office.  But they were too loud while employees were walking they had to get rid of them.   Now they are very happy with our high quality Enterprise treadmills that work quietly at low-speed.

I know our walking workstations are the highest quality walk while working machines your Company can add to your corporate wellness program.   But you might not be sure, so your safest option is to start with the monthly Rental option.

I have been supplying Gym equipment to corporate fitness facilities for 20 years and I have noticed that they only get a 10% employee usage.   This is because the employees do not get to use the corporate fitness center while working.  They have to use it on their own time.  Before work, during lunch or after work.   And because they get sweaty they have to change into workout clothes and take showers with other employees.

The wellness program of walking while working and not sitting while working is the magic formula.  This makes a giant improvement in the wellness and productivity of your employees.

Tell your Human resource manager you want to add the Rent Treadmill Desk to your corporate wellness program.

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