FAQ Renting Gym Equipment


FAQ Renting Gym Equipment


“Will the fitness equipment we Rent be the same brands and quality I see in professional Health Clubs?”

ABSOLUTELY! We rent only the top Health Club brands in the World. Such as, Life Fitness, Cybex, Star Trac, Precor, Stairmaster, Technogym, TRUE, Octane Fitness and some others.

Your fitness facility will look & feel like a small Health Club to your clients. Renting Health Club quality Gym equipment is our Signature. Most of our clients at Condo Associations, Hotels, Apartments, Corporate Fitness, Country Clubs, and Government agencies were using light commercial or even residential quality equipment before we REPLACED it all with Gym quality equipment.

“Are the machines Rented brand new?”

We do RENT new machines, but some of our Gym equipment has been rented before. The Gym machines we rent to your Company will work like new and look like new. You will not get user complaints about the quality or condition of our Rental equipment. By Rent Gym Equipment.

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“When I buy NEW Gym equipment I get a 3 Year Warranty. That means I don’t have to spend money on maintenance and repairs for 3 Years. So explain why I need your Monthly Service?”

This is what the sellers of new gym equipment want you to believe. BUT, the truth is in the small print. A 3-year warranty gives you 1 year of Free labor with 3 years of parts replacement. This only includes free labor for defective parts for the first Year. BUT, you must show proof that you have completed regular preventive maintenance as your warranty explains in small print. If you cannot prove you have performed the preventive maintenance then your warranty “IS VOID.”

The reality is YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA to a maintenance Company in order to keep your warranty from becoming VOID. Go and get some “QUOTES” for a regular maintenance program. You will find this to be a very expensive additional “COST OF OWNERSHIP.” Also, read your warranty in regards to how long the manufacturer can take to get you repair parts. I have seen new fitness machines out of order for months at a time.


“What happens when the Gym equipment I am renting gets old?”

We upgrade the Gym equipment at no cost to you. This works in your favor because after the Gym equipment has been used for too many hours, it becomes an expensive “Maintenance” problem for us. When the Gym equipment has lived a long life, we replace it with New models. So we do not have to pay the extra expense of maintaining older machines.

“How much of a security deposit do we have to put down?”

We do not charge a security deposit or ask for last month’s payment in advance. To get started you only pay the first months rental and the delivery-installation cost. We trust our clients and believe they will not abuse the rental fitness equipment.

“How often will a service tech come to our fitness facility and do the maintenance?”


It all depends on how many hours, each month, your Gym equipment gets used. On every maintenance visit, we take odometer readings of miles or hours shown in the control console. This gives us the feedback we need to decide how often we need to send in a fitness technician for a preventive maintenance service call. The more hours the Gym equipment gets used, the more often we come in and do preventive maintenance.

We pay close attention to maintenance because this is a big cost for our business. If we do not do proper maintenance then our fitness machines will break down and be very expensive FOR US to repair.

Doing our preventive maintenance is the most important thing we do and the most expensive part of running our monthly service Gym equipment business.

“Do you have insurance to cover our people from injury while they are using the rental Gym equipment?”

Your Company is required to have the proper liability insurance to operate an on-site fitness center inside your business. No different than if you owned the Gym equipment. We do have a secondary liability insurance policy and your company will be named in our secondary liability policy. Copies of the insurance documents will be exchanged before the Gym equipment gets installed into your facility.

“What is the difference between Renting and Leasing?”

Renting the fitness equipment your Company needs is the NEW way business is being done in America. Just like “Saas” is Software as a Service. We offer “GEaaS” which is Gym equipment as a monthly service. Owning the fitness equipment you need does not make sense in today’s Business environment.

Think of Renting as a LEASE, with a 30-day cancellation option if you are unhappy with the equipment. And it INCLUDES all the regular maintenance and repairs when the equipment breaks. When you LEASE, you have to pay for the maintenance and for replacement parts for ALL OF THE WEAR ITEMS. Because the manufacturer warranty does not cover the wear items. And the “wear items” are what breaks. We call this the Manufacturer loophole.

“Why would we want to rent, we want to own the asset?”


Gym Equipment is a quickly depreciating asset. The equipment has lost over 70% of its value in just 24 months. After you pay off your capital purchase in 3 years what is your fitness equipment asset worth? How about 90% (or less) less than what you paid for it. And when you lease or purchase the Gym machines you are responsible for maintenance, upkeep, and repairs.

Fitness equipment is a quickly depreciating asset. It never APPRECIATES!

When you own the fitness equipment YOU have to pay all the unpredictable, (hidden), expenses. And it’s very time consuming for your staff to organize and oversee the management of the equipment.

Most Companies get ‘BURNED’ by the local fitness equipment technicians because they do not know what to expect, and how much to pay for services and repairs.

Purchase what APPRECIATES in value, and Rent that which DEPRECIATES in value.

“Is there anything we might get billed for unexpectedly, other than the monthly rental cost?”

You are responsible for THEFT of the Gym equipment,(this has never happened). If you have a tough client base that is very abusive to our Gym equipment, we will give you a 30-day notice to cancel the monthly agreement and remove our Gym equipment from your facility. But this does not cost you a dime.


“What if we want to add more gym equipment, how do we do that?”

Just let us know what you need. We will deliver it add the extra monthly cost to your next monthly rental agreement. The new monthly rental invoice will reflect the extra monthly charge for the new Gym machines you need.

“If the Gym equipment breaks, how do we get it fixed?”

.Just call us, 877-736-8348, and we will take care of it quickly. Our goal is to repair a broken machine in 7 business days or less. You NEVER get charged for any maintenance, service or repairs, EVER.

“What if we are renting a machine that is not being used?”

Just give us a 30 days notice and we will haul it away and take it off your next monthly agreement. This really is a month to month rental and at the end of each month, you can cancel one machine or the whole agreement. No hassle, no commitment longer than 30 days at a time. We expect that you will rent for many years and is the reason we work so hard to keep you happy. Our Business is about long-term relationships. If we do not serve your Company for many years we lose money, not you.

“If we decide to shut down our fitness facility for lack of use, what happens?”

Give us a 30 days notice and we will come in and remove our Gym equipment, and your monthly billing is terminated. You are not charged any money to have our rental Gym equipment removed. This is a pay as you go agreement that is simple for your company, no surprises hiding in the details.

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