Liability Folder For Your On-Site Fitness Facility

Reduce the Risk inside your On-site Fitness Center with the liability folder we create and manage for your Business.


When you begin your monthly rental agreement we create a Google Drive digital folder inside your account in our CRM.

We do the professional installation and set-up.  On the day of installation all Gym machines are set up in a SAFE position.  And tested to confirm everything is SAFE and ready to be used.  Pictures are taken after the set-up is complete.

This folder contains pictures of your fitness room and our Gym equipment inside it.

Your Liability folder will contain all the details on your account for as long as you are our Client.

When we send in our fitness equipment technician to do a regular preventive maintenance service call.  See below all the details that we record inside your folder.

Rental Fitness Equipment technician

Fitness Tech


We take your Liability-Folder very serious.  And record ALL the fine details regarding the history of your monthly service.

When the machines were serviced and what ACTIONS were completed.

If a machine needed a part replaced this is recorded and dated. With all the details recorded about the fitness machine problem and what we are going to do to fix the problem.

When a Gym machine has new parts replaced this event is recorded and dated.  

On every tech visit we capture pictures of the fitness machines on that date showing the machines were in good safe order and in safe room position.  

Please do not move the position of the Gym equipment, after set-up, without consulting us first.

If we notice a fitness machine is in an unsafe position we will report it to you.   If we see extension cords running across the floor we will unplug the cord and report it to management.  Consulting with you to assure the best solution to keep power cords off the floor and your fitness room in the safest condition possible.

An additional RISK-REDUCTION tool we give to you is our SAFETY SIGN.

rental gym equipment safety sign

This puts the power of fitness equipment safety evaluation in the hands of the users in your Gym.  This helps RISK reduction.  And most important it alerts the user they are using this Fitness Equipment At-Their-Own-Risk.

The phone number on the sign rings to our Corporate office and allows the user to report a problem directly to a real person during business hours.

Removing the reporting gap between the users and the management of the on-site fitness facility.

Assuring the broken fitness machine gets reported & repaired quicker.

When we get a call from a user inside your facility we will report it to you the same day.  And request that you place an out of order tag on the broken gym machine.

out of order sign

Our Client Care department will inform you as to why the fitness machine is out of service.  What parts we are ordering to repair the problem.  And when our service tech will be returning to repair the broken machine.

After the machine is repaired.  The date of repair is recorded, notes of the parts that were replaced are placed in your folder.  And you are notified that the task has been completed.

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Steve Paterson Founder Rent Fitness Equipment Company

Steve Paterson

Hello my name is Steve Paterson and I am the founder of the Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

I make the PROMISE to you to keep your Liability Folder, accurate, detailed, and up to date.

I make the PROMISE to you to provide only Health Club quality Gym equipment and keep it regularly serviced and in good operational condition.

I PROMISE to make your On-site fitness facility SAFE, and EASY.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at