Do Not Put A Treadmill Desk Inside Your Office

Why You Do Not Want To Put A Treadmill Desk Inside Your Office.

Do Not Put A Treadmill Desk Inside Your Office

Treadmill Desk

Do not put a Treadmill Desk inside your Office.

Working while walking at a Treadmill Desk is the hot trend in regards to employee wellness at American Companies. As it should be, but putting a Treadmill Desk inside your main office work-space is the wrong way to do it.

The research is conclusive that employee Wellness at the office is damaged by sitting at their desk too many hours during the work week.

Over many years, sitting too much can be deadly.

The solution to sitting too much at the office is the highly popular Treadmill Desk. Allowing you to simply stand up and walk while doing the same daily office tasks you do sitting at your desk.

The problem is the Treadmill Desks are being placed inside the employee’s main office workspace. Creating clutter and adding to the stress level inside the office.

The Health Goal is to walk at least 10,000 steps during the workday. Which takes about an hour and a half to accomplish walking at 2 miles per hour on the Treadmill Desk.

“The Rest Of The Work-day The Treadmill Just Gets In The Way”

It is encouraging to see Corporate management make the decision to provide this wellness and productivity tool to the workplace. But buying a Treadmill Desk for each participating employee, and putting it inside their main office workspace is not the best solution to solve the SITTING-DISEASE epidemic.


The best solution to solve the sitting disease problem is to place a Treadmill Desk Workstation inside an open area for use by any employee throughout the workday.  It becomes a true WORKING STATION inside the office for all to use.

Instead of placing a Treadmill Desk inside one employees office. Place a Treadmill Desk Workstation in an open space like the Conference room or hallway, that will be used by many different employees during the busy work week.

It looks like this:

Employee John has been sitting at his desk for 3 hours straight and he needs a break. John grabs his iPad, iPhone and a hot cup of coffee and walks out of his office and down the hallway. He gets to the open corridor in the office where his Company is Renting 3 Treadmill desk workstations.

John puts his tablet, phone and coffee cup on the desk and starts the treadmill. John increases the speed to 2 MPH and raises the elevation to 3 percent and begins walking while doing his work.

John makes a couple important phone calls, reads some industry Blog posts, and sends out some connect requests on LinkedIn. 45 minutes flies by and John goes back to his main office workspace feeling energized and alert.


The best way to walk while working inside the busy Corporate office is to place WORKSTATIONS outside the employees office for all to use. And then go back to their personal workspace when finished. Doing short one hour walking sessions a couple times a day.

Do not put a Treadmill Desk inside your main office workspace. Because when you are not walking, the treadmill just gets in the way. I have even seen employees placing a chair on top of the treadmill running surface to sit down in between walking sessions.

Don't Do It This Way

Don’t Do It This Way

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