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Corporate Wellness Innovations Great For America

Corporate Wellness Innovations are helping America Companies know they are better off with healthier employees.  Corporate wellness innovations are WHY more companies are offering wellness & rewards programs to encourage employees to be more productive and healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), says that 98% of companies that have 200 employees or more, offer a wellness program as part of their wellness benefits. The new workplace wellness innovations are enabling companies to Read more

Did Oregon Approve Treadmill Desks In State Offices?

We are waiting for Oregon to pass the bill that will bring Treadmill desk workstations to state employees offices. Legislators in the State of Oregon are pushing a bill that would bring treadmill desk walking workstations to state offices. The bill would set in motion a 2 year pilot program to test treadmill desk workstations inside Oregon state offices. A test to determine the effectiveness of working while walking. Oregon is the first state to Read more

Coeur d'Alene Idaho Manufactures Wellness

Coeur d’Alene Idaho Manufactures Wellness

Coeur d’Alene Idaho will manufacture Wellness and ship the locally made, ‘Walking Workstations‘ to Corporations around the World. Coeur d’Alene Idaho is a great place to live and an even greater place to build & INNOVATE products. There is a vibrant entrepreneurial community living in Coeur d’Alene.   Many are members of the Innovation Collective group supporting a great place to live and operate a business. Currently the Corporate Wellness market is a 6 Billion Read more

Walking For Wellness, Walking on treadmill desk

Walking For Wellness

Walking for wellness should be your fitness of choice.   Don’t like to workout hard?   You do not care to look like a fitness model?   Walking for wellness is easy, natural, and makes you feel better, INSTANTLY. The wellness improvements walking will provide has been given a lot of attention in recent years.  Because most of us have a sitting problem.   We sit for too many hours everyday.  Walking just 20 to Read more

Do Not Put A Treadmill Desk Inside Your Office

Why You Do Not Want To Put A Treadmill Desk Inside Your Office. Do not put a Treadmill Desk inside your Office. Working while walking at a Treadmill Desk is the hot trend in regards to employee wellness at American Companies. As it should be, but putting a Treadmill Desk inside your main office work-space is the wrong way to do it. The research is conclusive that employee Wellness at the office is damaged by Read more

Corporate Fitness Eats Healthy In Portland Oregon

Corporate Fitness Eats Healthy In Portland Oregon

Corporate Fitness & Wellness Employees Eats Healthy In Portland Oregon Portland Oregon is known as a Healthy City and has one of the highest percentages of Corporate Fitness & Wellness Healthy & fit Employees Healthy events in Portland Oregon. Healthy Employees Sample Hundreds of Healthy Snacks at the Portland VegFest. It’s well known that Portland Oregon is home to a lot of Healthy employees called vegans. And with warnings that eating meat can cause cancer and Read more

Liability Folder

Liability Folder For Your On-Site Fitness Facility

Reduce the Risk inside your On-site Fitness Center with the liability folder we create and manage for your Business.   When you begin your monthly rental agreement we create a Google Drive digital folder inside your account in our CRM. We do the professional installation and set-up.  On the day of installation all Gym machines are set up in a SAFE position.  And tested to confirm everything is SAFE and ready to be used.  Pictures Read more

Treadmill Desk

Treadmill Desk Workstations For Employees

RENT Treadmill Desk WORKSTATIONS   When you Rent Treadmill Desk Workstations they come with a Health Club quality treadmill and all the maintenance and repairs are included. The HOTTEST-TREND inside busy Corporate offices in America is the Walking Workstation.       CALL US  877-736-8348  Here is a day in the life of a Walking Workstation inside a busy Corporate office. The Johnson Company Rents 2 walking workstations and places them inside an open office Read more

DO NOT Make These 8 Mistakes

DO NOT Make These 8 Mistakes 78% Of Companies Make

When operating your On-site Fitness Center.   #1) DO NOT let your fitness equipment be a liability for your Company. REDUCE Your Risks with a LIABILITY FOLDER When your fitness facility has 4 or more people using the fitness facility daily.   You have a commercial fitness center.   When you have a commercial fitness facility you need to do regular equipment preventive maintenance.   The main reason is to keep your fitness machines working Read more