Rent Gym Equipment Boise Idaho



Rent Gym Equipment BOISE IDAHO for your Business will Save You Money.


Rent Gym Equipment Boise Idaho

Boise Idaho Downtown

Rent Gym Equipment Boise Idaho.


Boise Idaho is the Idaho State Capital.

Several large  Corporations make their headquarters in Boise Idaho.  Now they have the Rent Gym Equipment option.

Companies like;  Clearwater Analytics, Idaho Pacific Lumber, Boise Cascade, Simplot Co., Idaho Timber, and our favorite  The Idaho state government is the city’s largest employer.

Boise’s biggest publicly traded employer is Micron Technology.  More Companies in this category are Idaho Power and IDACORP.  And we can’t leave out mentioning Idaho Bancorp, Boise, Inc., and Syringa Bancorp.

The Boise high tech industry is very important to the city.  Mentioning Hewlett Packard, Healthwise, CradlePoint, and Clickbank. 

Boise has 20 call centers employing 7,000 people at Companies like DIRECTV, T-Mobile, EDS, and WDSGlobal.

Boise Idaho was listed in the top 10 cities for mid-size Companies for Entrepreneurs, by

Rent Gym Equipment Boise Idaho

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company decided to move into Boise to serve this Great city with the rental option.


“We found that Boise Corporations are full of people with outstanding

America work values.  This city epitomizes American family and work values.  

We feel there is not another city in America with more potential than Boise.”

We found the city of Boise to be full of forward-thinking management and employees.  When we make our point of why the Fitness-Equipment-As-A-Monthly-Service is the best way to set up the on-site fitness facility, they just get it.

Boise boasts national recognition for the best quality of life and business climate. 


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Men’s Health rated Boise as the Best Cities for Men.


  • Allstate Insurance rated Boise as the best drivers in the USA.
  • Outside Magazine rated Boise ID. as the best overall town in the Western United States.
  • Boise was rated as the Top 10 Cities to Live In.
  • Forbes Magazine rated Boise as #2 in the best places for business & careers.

Renting Health Club quality fitness equipment on a month to month agreement that includes all the repairs and maintenance is the best option for Boise Idaho.   So we decided to move into Boise and serve this great city in Idaho.

Why did the Rent Fitness Equipment Company decide to move into Boise Idaho?

The choice was actually easy after we did our business research.  Our first objective was to look for a business climate that really cares about its employee’s health and happiness.

Our second objective was a young management team that can honestly look at the newest technology and options so make forward-thinking decisions for the Corporation.  Old school management teams are more concerned with doing things the way they always have done them.  But times are changing.  Just like the hot movement is SaaS, software as a service.  And now for the on-site fitness facility, the new way of doing things is ‘FEaaS”  fitness equipment as a service.

Okay, the point of this page is to let all of you great Companies in Boise Idaho know you can now use the rental fitness equipment option to help your business make the on-site fitness facility EASY.

We hope you get it.  Now contact us today to start the conversation.

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