Treadmill Desks Make America Great Again


Treadmill Desks:  A Place To Walk & Work At The Same Time.

Treadmill Desk Make America Great Again

Have you ever worked in the office while walking on treadmill desks?

This is a REVOLUTION for the Corporate Wellness departments in all of our great Companies in America.

Every working person that sits at least 5 hours a day needs to have access to a Treadmill workstation.

And the Human resource department will not have to shove this wellness medicine down the employee’s throats. Once you spend 30 minutes walking and working, you are hooked!

This can change the “ENERGY” in American Corporations.

We can make “America Great Again” if we were to make available the Treadmill Desks walking stations to millions of working Americans.

The best way to prove this is for you to work 5 hours a week while walking, for 1 month. Then you will feel for yourself how this will ENERGIZE the great people working inside large Companies. Like it did for you!

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Human Resource I’m talking to you!   You need to provide this wellness amenity as fast as you can and your wellness ROI will go through the roof.

The walking workstation will become the future inside the busy office workplace. This wellness workstation is evolving with the increased research & innovation being done.  And will become the most popular wellness benefit supplied to the American office workforce.

What type of working can you do while walking on the treadmill workstation?

Conference calls, reading & replying to emails, voice to text writing, how-to video watching, speaking to clients on the phone,  team messaging in SLACK, and reading reports.

And I’m sure you will discover more “WORK” activities that you can do AS-GOOD-AS, or better than working at your office desk.

This Wellness tool is so incredible that it is hard to describe it properly to someone who has never worked on one.   If you are the HR manager at a large Company, you do not want to wait around until you have enough people agreeing to place these workstations throughout the office.  If your employees have never used one they don’t know what they’re missing.  

You want to place a few of these walking stations around the office so your people will use them.   Then they will keep coming back to use them more and more often.  If you place them in the open office space, they will get used by most of the employees.


My favorite work activity I like to do is talk while walking using my cordless headset.  If I know I need to speak to clients or partners I always try to schedule them when I can be walking at the treadmill station.  And putting a few of these inside the conference room allows people to walk during a Company meeting.

Imagine a POWER WALK conference room!

Where the conference room has Treadmill Desks placed in a circle and all facing to the center of the room.   And every participant in the meeting is walking.  This completely changes the office MEETING.

Make It EASY For Your Employees To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day At Work.

Put a FitBit on your wrist and start the treadmill.  I prefer to set the walking speed at 2mph with a 3% elevation.  I like to walk an hour before my lunch break, and another hour later in the day.  And I reach my 10,000 steps GOAL, every day before I get home.  

What if 80% of your office employees did the same thing 5 days a week?  Do you think the working ENERGY inside the office would improve?  You bet it does and it improves INSPIRATION.  

What can your Company do with more ENERGY & INSPIRATION? 

ROI = return on investment.   In my 27 years working with Corporate Wellness, I have not found a higher ROI than this treadmill workstation.  I credit this high ROI to the fact that this works and is simple for employees to use.   Is very convenient and can be used while “on the clock.” 

This Wellness Tool Can Be Used On Company Time.

When this is compared to working out inside the companies on-site corporate fitness facility the Treadmill Desk wins hands down.  Your people do not have to change clothes or put on athletic shoes, (no shoes required).  And it’s “NO-SWEAT.”  

The high ROI is largely due to the fact of higher employee participation.   More people use it, and more people reap the wellness benefits of it.  It is so easy to walk & work for an hour every day that your employees are happy to get out of their office chairs and work on the treadmill workstation and look forward to it.

 How do you put a monetary value on more Inspiration & Energy?

This walking while working Wellness tool is a game changer for America.   Make America Great Again by providing this machine to all the large companies across America.  

Lets make our Country known for its human ENERGY & INSPIRATION, again.


About the Author.

steve paterson

Steve Paterson

Steve Paterson is the founder of the Rent Fitness Equipment Company and started his Corporate Wellness education in 1987 at Cal State Fullerton University.  Steve has moved his Corporate headquarters to beautiful Coeur d’Alene Idaho,  the fastest growing high tech, small town in America.  Steve Paterson is building his Treadmill-Desk manufacturing plant in the city of Coeur d’Alene.  With research, innovation and a great workforce, the city of Coeur d’Alene will produce the most effective walking workstations the World has ever seen.