Treadmill Desk Workstations For Employees



When you Rent Treadmill Desk Workstations they come with a Health Club quality treadmill and all the maintenance and repairs are included.

The HOTTEST-TREND inside busy Corporate offices in America is the Walking Workstation.



Here is a day in the life of a Walking Workstation inside a busy Corporate office.

The Johnson Company Rents 2 walking workstations and places them inside an open office space.

(Day 1)

Employee Mark has been sitting at his desk for the last 3 hours and needs a mood changer.  Mark grabs his iPad, cell phone and a cup of coffee and goes to the treadmill desk.  Mark places his iPad, iPhone and his cup of coffee on the desk and starts walking and working.

Mark sets the walking speed to 2.0 mph and raises the elevation to 3% and starts his walking while working, session.  Mark goes through his emails and call list and gets some productive work accomplished.   After 45 minutes of walking and working, Mark goes back to his office. Revived and invigorated for the rest of the workday.

(Day 2)

Lisa grabs her laptop and smartphone and stands on the walking workstation.  Pressed the start button, sets the speed to 1.5 mph and the elevation to 2%, and she starts her working while walking session. Lisa edits some blog posts and watches a few YouTube, How-to videos.  After an hour and 15 minutes, she goes back to her main office workspace.  Revived and invigorated, and ready for the rest of the work day.

treadmill desk workstation

Treadmill Desk

(Day 3)

John, the V.P. comes back to the office after a lunch meeting and ate more food than he planned.  Instead of going to his office and sitting at his desk, John grabs his tablet and mobile phone and spends 45 minutes walking at one of his Companies walking workstations.  Making Johns after-lunch workday productive for the rest of the day.  Without even breaking a sweat.


When more than 4 people use the Treadmill each day.  You need to upgrade to a Health Club quality treadmill.



“Our Workstations Can Handle Employees Weight Up To 450lbs.”

Treadmill desk rental, Treadmill desk workstation

Our Machines Handle Employees Up To 450lbs.


A treadmill being used by more than 4 people a day needs regular service and maintenance to assure it is always in good working order during business hours.

A walking workstation that has a broken treadmill has no value to your employees.

Hillary Clinton uses Treadmill Desk

Hillary Clinton Uses A Treadmill-Desk.

“I love Sending Classified Emails Walking On My Treadmill Desk

 If you could RENT a Walking Workstation for your employees that make them more productive,

for just a few dollars per day.

With all the maintenance and repairs included,

and only a month-to-month rental agreement.

How can you say NO?

Just Order One Walking workstation to try it out.  And cancel the monthly agreement if it’s not the best productivity improvement tool you have in the office.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is revolutionizing the way Corporate America uses the Treadmill Desk.

Treadmill desk workstation

Treadmill Desk

“iPad, iPhone and a hot cup of coffee with room to spare.”

When you purchase or lease your treadmill desk.

It becomes YOUR PROBLEM.

When you RENT your treadmill desk.

It becomes OUR PROBLEM.

RENT, Increased Productivity by-the-month, and possibly lower employee health care costs.

RENT-IT and Forget About It.

Treadmill Desk

DO NOT Do it this way.

Walking and Working at your main office desk gets old after about 2 hours a day.

The rest of the time the treadmill is just in the way.

Do it the right way. Help your employees be the most productive, and make it EASY for your Company.

                                          RENTING your treadmill workstations is the FUTURE for AMERICAN Companies.

Contact The Rent Fitness Equipment Company Today to see how easy it is to keep your employees as productive as possible, with the RENTAL option.

The statistics are out and, Walking while working, even just 45 minutes a day will increase employee productivity.

Companies are RENTING Treadmill Desk Workstations in Seattle Washington, Reno Nevada, Portland Oregon, Spokane Washington, Boise Idaho, Phoenix Arizona, California, Los Angeles, San Diego,  

Can we add Treadmill Desks in your City?

Renting a Treadmill Walking station can provide a safe and effective WELLNESS tool

to serve employees throughout the whole office. 

Working at Treadmill Desk inside the Corporate office or Conference room.  Impacts performance by improving health and the ability to handle stress better.  Walking while working on such tasks as typing on a “Tablet”, voice to text writing, speaking in the conference room, thinking, and reading.  May complement the execution of cognitive tasks by reducing stress & improves memory.

 The Treadmill Workstation is growing in popularity and continuing to make a huge impact in productivity inside the busy office.  Walking while working is the best way to go in today’s busy office.  Working at a treadmill desk is the future and more and more employees are requesting their Company offers this healthy workplace amenity as part of the office workplace.

I spend 2 hours a day on my treadmill desk and it is a productivity tool I cannot do without.

steve paterson

Steve Paterson

Hello I am Steve Paterson and I started the Rent Fitness Company in 2004 and I have added the treadmill desk workstation to my product list.  Because I had so many requests from my Corporate Fitness clients.  I researched the way treadmill desks were being used in today’s busy office.  And discovered that putting a treadmill-desk-workstation inside an employee’s office space is not the best solution.

So now I am offering the treadmill desk as a commercial quality treadmill workstation that,

Can be used by all the employees all day long.  

I have discovered a better way to offer this great employee productivity device.

Tell your BOSS that you need this inside your busy office.  Your personal office is already crowded enough and the last thing you want is a big treadmill desk in your personal workspace.  And let your Boss know he can use it too.


Fill out the contact form, and I will get in touch with you.  Then you can share with me the people in your Company I should contact to get one Treadmill Desk Workstation placed, as a TEST.  


This is EASY to get approved because this is not a lease.  This is a month to month rental agreement that can be canceled with a simple 30-day cancellation notice.  

Your Company only has to invest the first month rental and you and the other employees have a full month to use the ‘Heck’ out of it.  To make sure this is the best productivity & wellness tool you have in your office.   (Some cities have a delivery and set up investment to get started.)

If the Treadmill Desk is a big hit like I know it will be, your Company will be happy to continue the simple monthly payments that include all the maintenance and repairs of the desk and treadmill.

2017 The Year of Corporate Fitness & Wellness



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