Corporate Fitness Wellness

Corporate Fitness Wellness Medtronic Company

Corporate fitness wellness is taken very seriously at the Medtronic Corporation.   To encourage fitness and health among employees, Medtronic has 12 on-site fitness centers at its U.S. facilities.       MEDTRONIC RENTS FROM THE RENT FITNESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY. Medtronic launched its Total-Health-Program in 2007 and since then 95% of employees and 12% of spouses have signed up for the program.   And the Medtronic Frequent-Fitness-Program is also a big hit among their employees. Read more

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PepsiCo Rents Corporate Fitness Wellness Center

PepsiCo Rents Corporate Fitness Wellness Center.     Pepsico Loves the Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service Option for its Corporate Fitness & Wellness Centers. Installation number #2 at the PepsiCo corporate fitness and wellness center has finally been completed in May 2013. Our first installation was completed in 2012 and we know how to serve the PepsiCo company when it comes to their onsite Corporate fitness and wellness center.  Why does PepsiCo RENT Their Read more

10 Benefits To Improve Employee Productivity

10 Benefits To Improve Employee Productivity

 10 Benefits To Improve Employee Productivity.   When Google opened up in the 90s it took a unique approach to employee satisfaction. In an age of monochrome cubicles and monotonous workdays, they added a workplace wellness program. Their philosophy was that to get the best talent, they had to make their office a place people wanted to work. Exercise brought employees together, improved morale, and made them more productive. Now, companies across Read more

How To Launch A Corporate Wellness Program That Works

How To Launch A Corporate Wellness Program That Works

  Here at Rent Fitness Equipment Company, we are very excited about all the improvements in the area of Corporate Wellness and Fitness.  Companies are making a big shift in spending predictable dollars on preventing sickness.  And working hard to lower the spend on unpredictable sickness care. Rent Gym Equipment.   Employee wellness is something that matters to both employees and employers. A healthy employee is happier and more productive, which reflects well on the Read more

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Corporate Wellness Programs Create A Culture Of Health

    Corporate Wellness Programs Create A Culture Of Health   According to Seth Serxner, Ph.D., MPH, it’s not just about physical wellness. It’s Not Just About Physical Wellness   Financial security is linked to physical and mental health for many consumers. Employees often cite financial uncertainty as causing the most stress, even more than their job, health or relationships. Indeed, 60 percent of employees report being somewhat or very stressed about their financial situation, up Read more

corporate wellness changing health of americans

Corporate Wellness Changing Health of Americans.

  Corporate Wellness Changing Health of Americans.   Corporate Wellness inside large Companies is changing the health of Americans.  For the better.  70% of adults in America work at large companies with 200 or more employees.  And 98% of American Companies with more than 200 employees offer Wellness programs at work. Here are 3 articles to read to give you more information about how American Corporate Wellness programs are working.   And for the better Read more

How To Improve Employee Safety At Workplace Fitness Centers

How To Improve Employee Safety At Workplace Fitness Centers

Learn How To Improve Employee Safety At Workplace Fitness Centers.   Now that ObamaCare is telling us they will be giving tax credits to Companies that provide a workplace fitness center.  We are seeing an explosion of workplace fitness centers and employee safety needs to be included in your company’s game plan. Your fitness equipment needs to be commercial grade, (Health Club quality), and always properly maintained.  Don’t ignore the regular fitness equipment maintenance and Read more

Corporate Wellness in 2020

Corporate Wellness in 2020, What Will It Look Like

Corporate wellness in 2020, what is it going to look like? The corporate model of wellness programs is changing quickly, as well it should.  Putting the emphasis on the corporate workplace to keep employees healthy and productive.  I am sharing a link to one of the best articles I have found on the future of corporate wellness.  Talking about: SHRM Survey of Wellness Initiatives. collaborative responsibility partnership between employer and employee in implementing a wellness Read more

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Corporate Wellness Innovations Great For America

Corporate Wellness Innovations are helping America Companies know they are better off with healthier employees.  Corporate wellness innovations are WHY more companies are offering wellness & rewards programs to encourage employees to be more productive and healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), says that 98% of companies that have 200 employees or more, offer a wellness program as part of their wellness benefits. The new workplace wellness innovations are enabling companies to Read more

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Get Help Starting Your Corporate Fitness Wellness Program

Get Help Starting a new Corporate Fitness Wellness Program can be a daunting Task.   Here is where you can get some help getting started.   With Obamacare promising Corporations tax credits for helping employees get fit and healthy.  Many Corporations are making the initial investment to start their own on-site corporate fitness & wellness program. BUT WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET STARTED? Start here!   This website is the ‘Centers for Read more