How To Improve Employee Safety At Workplace Fitness Centers

Learn How To Improve Employee Safety At Workplace Fitness Centers.


Now that ObamaCare is telling us they will be giving tax credits to Companies that provide a workplace fitness center.  We are seeing an explosion of workplace fitness centers and employee safety needs to be included in your company’s game plan.

Employee safety

Your fitness equipment needs to be commercial grade, (Health Club quality), and always properly maintained.  Don’t ignore the regular fitness equipment maintenance and do not give the job to your employees. 

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Make sure your Gym equipment is professionally installed and set-up. DO NOT LEAVE THE ASSEMBLY TO YOUR EMPLOYEES. The fitness equipment manufacturer will have guidelines to assure you have proper space around each machine.  And the power outlets provide the required electrical amperage and are located close enough to machines that require electricity.  Long power cords can become a trip, fall, and fire hazard.

Be sure you maintain detailed records of the fitness equipment’s preventive maintenance & when repairs are performed.  We take care of this for you with our Liability Folder.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company maintains a LIABILITY FOLDER for each of its clients.  
This liability file contains preventive maintenance details, replacement repair part numbers and the date the technicians performed the service.  

Then each visit is backed up with pictures showing the fitness machines in good order when the technician is leaving the workplace fitness center.

You need to provide employees with a well-designed fitness center management program.  Such as the one provided by the American college of sports medicine ACSM’s Health / Fitness Facility Standards & Guidelines.

Acsm logo

You can require these guidelines to be read and signed before using the workplace fitness center.  And you can always have free copies in the gym available for anyone interested in reading them.  Making sure you provide access to the rules nd regualtions to keep your users safe.

AED’s, ( Automatic External Defibrillator ), should be available inside the employee workplace fitness center.

Keep Employees Safe

Keep Employees Safe

Employees should have ‘How-To-Use’ video training available to them. And an occasional live presentation is a good idea.  These AED’s are life savers if an employee has a heart attack while inside the workplace fitness center.

Employee First-Aid KitFirst-Aid kits should be clearly mounted on the wall for everyone to see in case of emergency.  You might want to provide a couple depending on the size of your Corporate Fitness & Wellness Center. 

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CAD Workplace Fitness Center

Take special care with the layout and design of the fitness equipment BEFORE the equipment is delivered.  This is best done with a CAD design software online. is a good place to start.  Clear walking lanes are important for safety.  With power outlet placement of utmost importance.  Providing electrical outlets inside the floor right next to the Gym equipment that use electricity is the safest way to go.  And these decisions need to be made BEFORE the Gym equipment is delivered.

Employees should be asked to inspect the fitness equipment every time they use it.  And provide them with vendor phone numbers to call quickly to report a broken or dangerous fitness machine.  Let employees make the phone call themselves from their mobile phone.  You should have a hook on the wall with a couple DO-NOT-USE signs that employees can hang on a broken machine.  Let your employees be empowered to keep your workplace fitness center safe.  Make it easy for them and they will perform gallantly.

Happy Employees

The fitness center environment should have good ventilation with a powerful exhaust system to get rid of ‘stinky’ stale air.  Drinking water should be available and other food and drinks should be prohibited.  And the flooring should be hardwood, tile or rubber matting.  Carpet should be avoided in most situations.

Now that employee corporate fitness and wellness workplace gyms are a great way to help your employees live a healthy fitness lifestyle where they work.  And get tax credits from OBAMACARE, you need to be sure your employees are safe.

 How to improve employee safety at workplace fitness centers

If your Company is planning an onsite workplace fitness center than your best option to consider is the Rental option.   RENT Health Club quality fitness equipment on only a month to month agreement that includes the regular equipment maintenance and all repairs are FREE forever.

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**This article is advisory in nature. It is a free resource provided by the Rent Fitness Equipment Company. We recommend you work with a professional insurance advisor.  No liability is assumed by the information contained in this article.

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