Corporate Wellness Changing Health of Americans.


corporate wellness changing health of americans

Changing Americans

Corporate Wellness Changing Health of Americans.


Corporate Wellness inside large Companies is changing the health of Americans.  For the better.  70% of adults in America work at large companies with 200 or more employees.  And 98% of American Companies with more than 200 employees offer Wellness programs at work.

Here are 3 articles to read to give you more information about how American Corporate Wellness programs are working.   And for the better health of Americans.

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Corporate Wellness Changing Health of Americans.

Corporate Wellness Innovations Are Great For America.

Employee wellness innovations are helping American business deliver more wellness programs for employees.  The newest innovations are in telemedicine, monitoring devices, wellness tools like treadmill desk and on-site corporate fitness centers that help employees improve their “WELLNESS.” READ MORE ABOUT WELLNESS INNOVATIONS

Do Not Put A Treadmill Desk Inside Your Office.

Working while walking at a Treadmill Desk Workstation is the newest trend for employee wellness at American Companies. But adding a Treadmill Desk inside your daily office workplace is not the best way to do it. READ MORE.

Treadmill Desk Workstations For Employees.

Walking while Working at Treadmill Desk inside the Corporate office or Conference room impacts performance by improving health and the ability to handle stress better.  Walking and working on such tasks as typing on a “Tablet” or iPad, voice to text writing, speaking in the conference room, thinking, and reading.  Will increase your cognitive tasks by reducing stress & improving memory.  READ MORE ABOUT TREADMILL DESKS

I have been in the business of Corporate Wellness & Fitness since 1989.   Boy, has it improved and grown over the years.  The future is looking great for Corporate wellness and the American employee.  Companies used to add wellness programs for its employees to improve productivity and skill improvement.  Now large Companies do it to lower costs related to health insurance coverage of its people.

Today this has made it a win-win for the employee and the Companies.   This is a positive change for Americans health and wellness.

Make American Great Again.

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