PepsiCo Rents Corporate Fitness Wellness Center

PepsiCo Rents Corporate Fitness Wellness Center.


Rent Fitness Equipment


Pepsico Loves the Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service Option for its Corporate Fitness & Wellness Centers. Installation number #2 at the PepsiCo corporate fitness and wellness center has finally been completed in May 2013.

Our first installation was completed in 2012 and we know how to serve the PepsiCo company when it comes to their onsite Corporate fitness and wellness center.  Why does PepsiCo RENT Their Fitness Equipment? Because we make it turn-key and easy.  They told us it was easier to get a monthly budget, that never changes, pushed through management. The closer to this rental deal is that we send in our professional fitness equipment technicians to do the regular maintenance.  And if a fitness machine ever breaks down, we repair it quickly at our expense.   Not a PepsiCo expense.  

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The employees using the corporate fitness center can call us directly to report a problem fitness machine. Rent Health Club Quality Gym Equipment. We learned that when you’re a publically traded company it’s a longer administration process making a capital purchase.  And then managing the regular equipment maintenance and repairs is a task in itself. PepsiCo has many onsite corporate fitness and wellness centers around the USA. And they purchased the fitness machines for these other locations and know all the hassles involved to manage maintenance and to get repairs completed on their gym equipment.

When they had a new location that needed a corporate fitness center they appreciated the rental option as it made the whole process easier.  And this great service we provided PepsiCo at our first location lead to the Rental at a second location. With more locations to come.

Rent Fitness Equipment Corporation provide your onsite corporate fitness and wellness center with the same great service.

We now provide PepsiCo with 5 on-site Corporate fitness centers around the USA!


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