Happy Corporate Fitness Clients Renting Gym Equipment

We Love Our Happy Corporate Fitness Clients.

Corporate Fitness & Wellness is our busiest category of Clients.  Proving that Fitness Equipment as a monthly Service just makes sense to Corporate America.  Paying one simple monthly rental expense that covers everything.    From the regular service & maintenance to all the repairs and the cost of the replacement repair parts.

We know how to take care of our large clients.   Whether it is PepsiCO or Grainger, we get the job done for their Corporate Wellness needs.

SaaS  (Software as a Service),  is well accepted inside the Corporate World.   And now FEaaS, (Fitness Equipment as a Service) is gaining traction.  It just makes business sense to furnish a Corporate Wellness fitness center for the employees by paying a monthly payment that includes the service, maintenance and all repairs.   Making it EASY, to provide a Corporate Wellness center for the employees.


The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has been Renting to corporations since 2004 and we have increased the territories we serve by over 1000%