I Want To Rent Fitness Equipment

I want to Rent Fitness Equipment on a month-to-month contract that includes the regular Gym equipment maintenance with FREE repairs forever.


This is why I want to Rent Fitness Equipment.

The Rental fitness equipment program is easy to get started and even easier to cancel if I find a better solution for my Business.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company was created to service my Business because I have to provide a professional on-site fitness center to serve my clients, but I am not in the GYM Industry and do not know how to do it properly myself.

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I did not want to be an On-site Fitness facility provider, but now I have to, to serve my clients and employees.   My Company is very skilled and educated in many areas, but designing, maintaining, and purchasing the Health Club quality fitness equipment I need inside my business is not one of our skill sets.

IMAGINE…You have to provide an on-site fitness center for your Company and you decide to use the GYMS as a SERVICE option.  You get everything thought out for you.  All your maintenance and all your repairs are paid for.  Now you are the HERO.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company knows all the reasons why Companies like mine make so many mistakes.  And why I waste my time and my money in the pursuit of my on-site fitness facility goals.

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It simply works like this:  

I started a conversation with my rental representative to design the most appropriate fitness center for my Company.

The month to month rental contract starts by simply paying the first months rental and the freight & installation. Then my Rental Fitness team kicked into gear.  They delivered my Health Club quality gym equipment to my Company and did the professional installation and set up!

They sent in their experienced fitness equipment technicians to do the regular service and maintenance on my fitness machines.

If I ever had a fitness machine breakdown I just called their corporate office and they sent in their fitness technician to make the repairs quickly.  My rental contract says they will have the fitness machine repaired within 7 business days or less and if I have a troubled machine they will replace it with a new one.

The regular preventive maintenance and repair service calls never cost my Company one extra dollar. They handled all of my gym equipment problems and I only paid the monthly rental payment.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company philosophy was to make my Rental, month-to-month agreement easy to get started. And then they proved themselves month after month to make me happy so I never wanted to cancel my Rental agreement.  They told me if they don’t serve my Business needs month after month they knew they could lose money and not me.

They removed my tough initial decisions, expensive risks, and all of my BIG upfront costs. They took care of all my upfront risks & expenses.  And they are only successful if they make my fitness center successful for the long-term.

 They paid my start-up costs.  They did all of my regular fitness equipment maintenance on their dime. They paid all of my repairs needed for broken fitness equipment.

I was shown a list of their happy customers to prove they delivered the best option for my on-site fitness facility.  2 of their best customers were on the list of the top 500 businesses in America. And how the National Best Western Hotel Brand has granted them PREFERRED VENDOR status.

They promised to serve my needs FIRST, and only if my fitness facility was successful, they would make a little profit each month.  But if they did not serve me year after year then they would lose big and not me.

They put themselves in a position to be FIRED every month if I was not happy.

I was assured they would prove their value to me over the years, but the hardest part they said was getting me started.  Once they made their investment in my fitness center they knew they would prove themselves because they did not want to lose my business.  If they failed, they would lose thousands of dollars and I would not lose anything.

 I  heard what they were saying.  I can’t lose and they had to prove themselves every month.

I know this seems too good to be true, but what did I have to lose?   If they were not telling a truthful story then only they would lose money and not me.   If I canceled my monthly rental with a 30-day notice because I was not happy, it did not cost me anything to have the fitness equipment removed from my property.

Then they explained the best part for my Company. This was an off-balance-sheet-transaction.  None of my credit lines were used up and this was not a LEASE.  This monthly financial obligation does not even show up on my books when I needed more credit to make other capital purchases for my Business.

Then I raised my first objection:

“Why do I want to rent because I want to own the asset once it’s paid off”

They said what asset?   After I paid off my capital purchase in 3 years what would my gym equipment asset be worth?  How about 90% less than I paid for it.

They explained that Gym equipment is a quickly depreciating asset.  It never appreciates as an ASSET!

And if I Purchased or Leased my Gym equipment I would have to pay for all the maintenance and repair costs that were an unpredictable expense and very time-consuming for my staff to manage and oversee.

I was shown that even though I got a full warranty when I purchased my fitness equipment.  How long will it take my vendor to come in and fix my broken fitness machines?   And the most frustrating part is when my vendor tells me my warranty is VOID because I was not servicing the regular preventive maintenance on my new fitness equipment.

They told me how they have seen it all and why the Rent Fitness Equipment Company came into existence because Companies like mine were not being served properly.

They explained to me they knew how to serve my Business.  Then politely asked me to let them prove to me they were the best option for my Company and they would take full responsibility for the success of my on-site fitness facility.

They repeated I have nothing to lose by teaming up with The Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

I am so happy I listened to them.  I have a successful on-site fitness facility for my Business. You should do the same for your On-site fitness facility. 

Rent your Gym equipment.

Thank you for your attention. 



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