Corporate Fitness Rentals at Grainger Corporation.

Grainger corporate fitness facility RENT Gym equipment from the Rent Fitness Equipment Company.


Grainger Corporate Fitness

Grainger Corporate Fitness


The Grainger Corporation says it’s all about saving it’s customers TIME & MONEY.  What a great match because Grainger has been renting its health Club quality fitness equipment from us.   And we are all about saving our clients TIME & MONEY.

When a giant and successful company makes a decision to RENT Fitness Equipment to save itself time and money, your company should take notice.

Grainger Corporation Rents;  Life Fitness elliptical cross-trainers, Star Trac treadmills and exercise bikes. Weight lifting equipment SMITH Machines.

The month-to-month Rental agreement includes all the regular fitness equipment maintenance and the gym equipment repairs are all covered by the simple monthly payment.  Grainger NEVER gets an unexpected expense and all of its fitness machines are maintained in good working order.



Corporate Fitness Rentals for your onsite corporate fitness facility is a smart business decision for your Company too.

The Rent Fitness Equipment option was created in 2004 to better serve the many corporate fitness centers across America.  Making the process EASY, with a simple month-to-month rental agreement that Includes the professional gym equipment.  All the regular equipment maintenance.  And if a gym machine breaks down the Rent Fitness Equipment staff come in and repair the broken machine quickly and FREE.

So contact us today to get your Fitness Center Assessment to see your monthly pricing and facility requirements to best serve your employee’s health and fitness agenda.

Request your FREE Corporate Fitness Center Assessment to get a professional opinion on your needs and monthly cost required.  Based on your Companies demographics, fitness room space, and the amount of employees you serve.