Rent Corporate Fitness 

Why Renting Corporate Fitness with no contract is the best thing you can do for your employees. 

Imagine, if you could just plug in a Corporate Fitness Facility, with a simple monthly service fee, that is the best for your employees. Providing them Health Club quality gym equipment that you don’t have to purchase, lease or manage and saving your Company the most amount of money?

You get a ‘FIXED’ yearly budget that never changes and all the equipment maintenance and repairs are taken care of for you.

Corporate Fitness Gym

Get the best Corporate Fitness Gym equipment made in America. With all the maintenance included and when it breaks you don’t pay for it.

All with a simple month to month agreement that is not a Lease and can be canceled with a 30-day notice. 

My name is Steve Paterson and I created the Rent Fitness Equipment Business in 2004. Because I wanted to make it easier for companies like yours to offer the best Corporate Fitness Center so more employees could be healthier. I’ve been in the Gym Equipment Business for 30 years and I know how to do it right.

Why Renting Corporate Fitness Is the best for your company.

Buying Corporate Fitness

  • Outspending your budget on replacing equipment 
  • Paying for Maintenance to prevent your fitness machines
  • Investing in a quickly DEPRECIATING asset
  • Distracting your employees with the management of the repairs and maintenance responsibilities.

Renting Corporate Fitness

  • Everything is thought out for you. You're never concerned with the maintenance, quality, or the repairs of the Gym equipment.
  • A Plug N' Play on-site Gym with a simple monthly service fee that takes care of everything for you.
  • Save thousands of dollars annually compared to buying new equipment. 
  • Eliminate hidden expenses and FIX your yearly budget that never changes.


Make your Fitness Equipment “MY-PROBLEM.” Your company is in business to do what you do best and operating a Corporate Fitness gym is not one of your skill sets.
Let my people take care of all the difficulties of properly scheduled maintenance and replacing parts before a gym machine goes out-of-order. Let my detailed maintenance reports and safety adjustments reduce your liabilities from employee injuries while inside your Gym.
Offer all the benefits of providing an on-site Corporate Fitness center without any distractions to your core business operations.

According to Well Steps.COM The benefits of having corporate fitness are extremely high.

Corporate Gym Pricing

Fitness Equipment Pricing
Click to our gym package pricing page and look around to see which packages might suit you the best. I will customize the perfect gym equipment package to meet your budget and your employee workout requirements.
You can find all our pricing options here

Corporate Fitness Pricing

Then send me your contact information and let me make some custom proposals for you to discuss with your Corporate Fitness team members. I will send you my Corporate Fitness assessment form for you to complete that will give me the information I need to help you provide the best Corporate Fitness Center for your company

I am ready when you are, but contact me today because this is usually a 90-day process.
Steve Paterson
Rent Fitness Equipment Company.