Rent Corporate Fitness Centers PEPSICO

Rent Corporate Fitness Centers just like the PepsiCo Company.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company started their working relationship with the PepsiCo Company over 3 years ago.  And now we service 5 PepsiCo corporate fitness center facilities.

PepsiCo Corporate Fitness
PepsiCo takes their On-Site corporate fitness facilities SERIOUS.  And the employees have a very high turn-out inside their corporate fitness & wellness centers.

Why does the PepsiCo company Rent 5 corporate fitness facilities to date?

Because we make it EASY!

Being a publically held corporation with many different companies under one umbrella.  Renting our fitness equipment just makes the most sense for us.  Getting a monthly budget approved from corporate is much easier than making a capital purchase or financing a Lease.” 

The PepsiCo companies get to pay a simple monthly SERVICE fee that includes everything they need.  Without the hidden costs, hassles, and wasted time of purchasing or leasing their fitness center equipment. PepsiCo Rent Gym Equipment.

PepsiCo Companies Rent: Precor elliptical cross trainers, Life Fitness exercise bikes, Life Fitness strength training machines, cable cross-over and SMITH machines, Star Trac treadmills, Life Fitness elliptical cross-trainers, Star Trac exercise bikes, Precor multi gyms, Precor treadmills, Life Fitness dual adjustable pulley machines, Rubber coated dumbbell sets.

Their monthly rental service fee takes care of all the regular fitness equipment maintenance.  And when a fitness machine breaks it is all handled by the Rent Fitness Equipment service team.   At no extra costs to the PepsiCo company.

Professional Fitness Equipment Depreciates by70% in just 24 months.

PepsiCo can approve a simple monthly budget and NEVER get any unexpected costs. This just makes sense.

When a successful company like PepsiCo learns how to do a corporate fitness facility the SMART way.  Your company should take notice and follow the example.

So contact us today and get your corporate fitness center assessment to see what your monthly service fee will be in order to best handle your employee’s fitness & healthy lifestyle needs.

RENT Treadmill Desk Workstation

Request your FREE Corporate Fitness Center Assessment to get a professional opinion on your needs and monthly cost required.  Based on your Companies demographics, fitness room space, and the amount of employees you serve.