What Is Fitness Equipment As A Service?

Fitness Equipment as a Service is the future for

On-site fitness centers.

Inside Condo associations, Multi-family apartment properties, Hotel fitness facilities, and Corporate fitness centers in the workplace.

Onsite Fitness Facility

Onsite Fitness Facility

Why do you want to purchase the expensive fitness equipment your Business needs?

Rent Gym Equipment as a month-to-month Service is the new way on-site Fitness Centers operate!

Simply pay a monthly service fee and get the Health Club quality fitness equipment you want. Without the unexpected costs & hassles from Owning-Leasing the fitness equipment.

American business is turning to the monthly SERVICE model and

moving away from the Purchasing & Leasing model.

‘SaaS’ is Software-as-a-Service. And Now you have Fitness-Equipment-as-a-Service, ‘FEaaS’

Your Company needs to provide a successful on-site fitness facility to serve your clients and employees. Do not make the same mistakes that 72% of companies make when they operate an onsite fitness facility inside their business.

Now you can pay a simple month-to-month agreement that assures you get the results you expect.  

And if you are not getting the results you expected you can simply CANCEL the monthly service and move into a better option for your business.

Let me put it this way.  As a business operator just like you for the last 25 years,  it always went like this.

I interview many vendors and I listen to all of their promises.  Then I have to make an expensive decision that binds me to the promises my vendor makes to me.

But after they have my money, I NEVER seem to get all the results they promised and I get much less than I expected. And I’m locked into an expensive contract I can’t get out of when I’m not served as I was promised.

Can you relate to what I’m saying?

Steve Paterson

Steve Paterson


So after 20 years of selling professional gym equipment to my clients, I have seen it all.  When I walked into a potential client I was upset by how bad their onsite fitness equipment was performing.  Not because these business operators did not care, but because they had NO-IDEA how to do it properly.

The Rent Fitness Equipment option was created to solve the

problems of so many onsite fitness facilities.

Make your decision easy with only a month-to-month commitment that you can cancel quickly if its not the best decision for your business.  Because you can never be sure that your vendor will perform to the best of your needs until AFTER you have started the business relationship.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is a YOU-FIRST business model.

Then only after we serve you for years in the future,  we get to be successful.

Now isn’t this a refreshing business model?


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