2017 The Year Of Corporate Fitness and Wellness


2017 The Year Of Corporate Fitness and Wellness.







2017 is going to be the year of Corporate Fitness and Wellness.  Spending more money on employee wellness

while trying to spend less on employee sickness.


2017 is going to be a WELLNESS Year for employees.  Employees spend so much of their lives at work, this is the best place to improve Wellness.   Companies are ready to INVEST in Corporate fitness centers, Wellness programs to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress and enjoy the workday more.

Walking while working, “WorkStations” will become the NORMAL inside the busy office.  Adding to productivity and wellness.  Making it easier to walk 10,000 steps a day.   And every employee gets a FitBit!   Nobody wants a gold watch anymore.

At Rent Fitness Equipment we are seeing 120% increase in new Corporate fitness centers and Treadmill Desk rental orders.

IMAGINE, if you could just plug-in a Gym with a monthly service. Fix your monthly expense, provide a Gym that serves you the best. While Saving YOU the most amount of Money?
You can bring the GYMS as a SERVICE option to your Company
AND. . .
Everything is thought out for you and all you need to do
is provide the people to use your GYM.

You Get the
BE-THE-HERO Booklet.

This booklet will answer everyone's questions and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your Business.

And a proposal with your monthly pricing.

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“Our clients are telling us that Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service makes it easy to add a Corporate Fitness Center to their ‘Expense column.   Taking care of all the maintenance and rent gym equipment repairs with a single line item expense.”


This BOOM in Corporate wellness spending will make American companies more profitable by reducing employee Health Care costs.  Reducing sick days, improving productivity and increase employee happiness.

The Corporate Wellness industry in America was 6 billion dollars a year.   Looking forward to seeing a huge increase to this spending amount by the end of 2017.

What is your Company doing in 2017 to add wellness to your employees?


You can start by getting your Free Corporate fitness assessment.  So you can see how to offer a professional Corporate Fitness Center for your employees.   With the right amount of Gym equipment.   And your monthly expense to keep all the fitness equipment properly maintained and repaired.

Have you ever ‘Worked’ while walking for an hour on a Treadmill Desk Workstation?   If not, you need to give it a try.    You will be amazed at what you can accomplish walking at 1 mph.   And how invigorated you will feel after walking 10,000 steps each day at work.


2017 The Year Of Corporate Fitness and Wellness!



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