Renting Fitness Equipment Is The Best Value You Can Find


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Renting fitness equipment is the Best Value,  Let me prove it.

Go and get a quote to Buy or Lease, the Health Club quality Gym equipment you need.

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Then, get a bid for a preventive maintenance and service contract.   You will need to prove regular maintenance to keep your warranty valid.

And add to that a Bumper-to-Bumper warranty with ALL the replacement parts included.


When you have to provide a commercial On-site fitness facility inside your Business.  The cost of ownership is much more expensive than the cost to Purchase or Lease the equipment you need.  Most companies do not even keep track of all the money they spend on maintenance and repairs.  And this expense is always outside the budget.

The first response from the people we engage with is:   At that monthly price I can own the fitness equipment in 3 years.  They never look at the total cost of ownership.  This is a big mistake.

You need to understand that Health Club quality gym equipment will depreciate by 70% in the first 2 years.  And by the 3rd year, the asset value is almost zero.

And the hidden costs are always ignored.

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