Rent Fitness Equipment Seattle Washington

Rent fitness equipment Seattle Washington because GYMS as a SERVICE is

the most Innovative way to build your on-site Fitness Center


Rent Fitness Equipment Seattle Washington

Rent fitness equipment Seattle Washington.


The Rent Fitness Equipment Company has moved in to serve the Greater Seattle Washington area.


Seattle can now rent Health Club quality Gym equipment with only a month-to-month contract that will include the regular fitness equipment maintenance.  And all repairs are FREE forever. 

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Renting fitness equipment for your Corporate fitness center and wellness.  Hotel fitness center, Condo association and HOA, and Apartment fitness centers are all now served by rent gym equipment.

If your business is located in or around Seattle then you now have access to the rental service of the future.  Do not purchase the Gym equipment your business needs.  

Do not make the same mistakes that most business operators make when they are setting up the onsite fitness center inside their business.

Let the Rent Fitness Equipment Company handle all your regular equipment maintenance.  Let us pay for your fitness equipment maintenance.

Let us pay to repair your fitness equipment when it breaks.  As it always does.

Renting your equipment is the right choice because it makes it easy to get started with our off-balance-sheet-transaction.  Your accounting department can make an easy monthly budget decision that can be stopped at any time.

Renting has not been an option up until now.  This new rental option makes it easy for a business to provide a professional Health Club quality fitness center.

We remove all your start-up risks.

We handle all the details and stops your employees from wasting their time managing your onsite fitness center.

When you purchase your fitness equipment then it becomes your problem.  Make your on-site fitness facility our problem.

Now lets put this rental option into perspective.

You can provide a professional commercial fitness center in your business without having to purchase the fitness machines.  You do not have to use your employee staff to manage the fitness center.

Your accounting department does not have to make a long-term commitment.  Your business does not have to waste valuable time managing a system your company is not skilled in.

What do you have to lose?   This is very easy to get started and very easy to cancel if it does not prove to be the best decision for your Company.

How often do you get the option to provide a professional service without taking all the risk and making a long-term contract you cannot get out of if it does not work as expected

Get Rent Gym Equipment Prices here. 

So give us a call and get a free fitness center assessment to see the best options for your business.

What Is Fitness Equipment As A Service?



Rent fitness equipment Seattle Washington.


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Gym Equipment as a Monthly Service is the New Way Seattle Washington provides a professional onsite fitness facility.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company created the GYMS as a SERVICE Industry in 2004 to help onsite Fitness Centers provide the best quality Gym and save themselves the most amount of money.