Job Corps Opens Another Recreation Fitness Center

Job Corps Opens Another Recreation Fitness Center Using The Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

Job Corps is a U.S. Department of labor success story and the Rent Fitness Equipment Company has designed a fitness equipment rental program especially for this Government agency Job Corps. 

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Our company loves Job Corps as they provide free education and job training to help American young people learn a career and make our Country better.

When you enter a Job Corps campus it is very impressive.  It feels like a popular college campus and is a quality education campus. The Rent Fitness Equipment Company is the best business model to help Job Corps service their recreation department.  

Because Job Corps management provides a quality fitness center with free access for all the students and faculty.  Teaching that fitness is part of a successful career as a parent and wage earner.

Job Corps had a big problem because the fitness equipment they owned was wearing out.  Sooner than they’re allowed budgets could pay to maintain and replace the fitness equipment.  Just the maintenance and repair costs alone would exceed their monthly budget allotted to the recreation fitness equipment.

When our company met with Job Corps management they needed to upgrade to new fitness equipment and did not have the financial budget to make the purchase of new fitness equipment for their gym.  Our proposal was a rental package on a month-to-month contract that included the use of the Health Club quality fitness equipment and all maintenance and repairs for the full term of the rental.

Our rental fitness equipment program means Job Corps does not have to find the funds to make the capital purchase for new gym equipment.   And they did not have to pay for a monthly service and maintenance program because we cover that expense. We gave Job Corps a fixed monthly rental cost that covered it all.   This is the perfect turn-key rental program that was within the recreation departments monthly cash flow budget.

 Because The Rent Fitness Equipment Company found a solution to Job Corps fitness centers big problem.   We get to serve more and more Job Corp locations because their fitness center equipment was in need of equipment upgrade.  We will do the same problem solving for your property fitness center.

Job Corps Open Another Recreation Fitness Center

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