Hillary Clinton Works On A Treadmill Desk

Hillary Clinton Works On A Treadmill Desk At The State Department.

Hillary Clinton Treadmill Desk

Hillary Clinton Works On A Treadmill Desk

Hillary Clinton Sent Classified Emails Walking On Her Treadmill Desk?

The Truth is out.  Almost everybody is using a Treadmill-Desk for walking while working in the office.

Now that I know Hillary Clinton uses a treadmill desk workstation at work, I’m convinced that every business person should be working on a treadmill-desk.

If you are Voting for Hillary Clinton or Not.  You know, she knows, how to be ULTRA-PRODUCTIVE during her long hours at the office.  And walking while working is an important part of her work day.

What is a Treadmill Desk?  Well, it’s a Desk-top attached to a treadmill that allows you to place your laptop, iPad, iPhone and a cup of coffee on top of the desk.  Allowing you to get Work-Done while walking.  

treadmill desk workstation

Treadmill Desk Workstation

I read somewhere that Hillary Clinton said if she becomes President she will require all of her staff to work at a treadmill-desk for at least 2 hours per work-day.

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The research is plenty, about the increase in productivity for employees who are walking on a treadmill desk while doing work.  Memory is increased, health and fitness is improved.  Weight-loss is an added benefit and with Obesity running rampant inside the American workforce, this has to be good for the Health of Companies that provide Treadmill-desks for employees.

Treadmill Desks Boost Employee Productivity.

Extensive research conducted while working on a treadmill desk has proven to:  Improve Creativity, Increase Productivity, Better Health & Fitness, Higher Sense Of Achievement, And Reduced Stress.

Some research has concluded that an employees ability to type, read, and click around a website is reduced while walking on a treadmill desk.  And my own personal experiment agrees with this conclusion, (after a little practice it’s easy).  BUT… when you look at a full 8 hours of work in the office, the improvements gained by working on a treadmill desk are compounded when compared to sitting at a desk all day.

Walking on a treadmill while working, just 60 minutes a day, makes an impact on productivity throughout the day.  So in the long run, walking while working makes a HUGE improvement in the days productivity for office workers and executives.

Famous People like Hillary Clinton that work on a treadmill desk are:  Jimmy Kimmel, Al Roker, Author A.J. Jacobs, novelist Jeffe Kennedy, writer Susan Orlean, Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham-Fashion Designer & Style Icon, Spencer Rascoff-CEO Zillow, Jack Black-Actor, Steve Harvey-Television Personality, and Tory Jacobs-Good Morning America Correspondent.


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The Wrong Way To Use A Treadmill Desk At Work. 

Treadmill Desk

Don’t Do It This Way

Unfortunately the way most Companies provide the treadmill desk, is inside the employees main office workspace.  This is not the best way to provide this office productivity tool.   Because after about 2 hours of walking on a treadmill desk per day, the treadmill just gets in the way.  I have even seen employees placing a chair on the treadmill when they need to sit during the workday.

The advanced research has shown that the treadmill desk workstation needs to be placed in an open office space.  This is why we call it a treadmill desk workstation.  

It’s a separate workstation that is outside the employees main workspace.  

A workstation to be used by all the employees.

When an employee needs to get up from her desk and walk while working.  The best strategy is to grab her laptop, iPhone and a hot cup of coffee.  Walk over to the treadmill desk “workstation” and get to work while walking.   After and hour or so, the employee goes back to her main office desk, sits down and gets to work, invigorated for the rest of the work-day.

Have you heard enough?  How is your workday going sitting at your office desk all day?

Tell your Boss you want a treadmill desk workstation placed inside the Companies open office space or inside the conference room. So you have access to this productivity improving tool.  Let your Boss know that this workstation will make you and the other employees increase their daily work output in the office.  

This can only help your Company be a better place to work and make your Company a BETTER Company.

Happy times are here again, at work.

I hope the News that Hillary Clinton might have sent classified emails while she was working on her treadmill desk, does not hurt the reputation of the treadmill desk at work.

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About the Author.  

Steve Paterson is the founder of the Rent Fitness Equipment Company and uses a treadmill desk workstation at least 2 hours everyday and is a productivity tool he will not do without.

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