Make A Popular Apartment Fitness Center Community

Making your apartment fitness center community popular is great for the leasing effort.

Apartment fitness center

Apartment Fitness Community

There was a time when just having an apartment fitness center set you apart from your competition. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Today, most Apartment MultiFamily properties have a fitness center.

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Now it’s 2015 and if you want your apartment fitness center to help you close more rental leases you have to do it right. Most of the apartment complex leasing agents,( MultiFamily communities ), know more about the types of refrigerators and ovens inside each apartment. Then what is inside the Fitness Center.

Do you want to know what motivates a

new resident, to sign a year lease?

A well-equipped fitness center & a popular fitness community!

This gives a powerful sales tool to an accomplished leasing professional. Allowing her to be proud when presenting it as one of the best benefits of living in their “FITNESS CENTER” community.


America’s health-conscious future residents are more educated about the benefits of what a desirable apartment fitness center should be like. This is why it’s important for leasing professionals to be aware of the value of the fitness center community as a fantastic feature to close the lease agreement.

And be well versed in the features and benefits of the different types of fitness equipment she offers. Apartment community fitness centers may come in all sizes and in many settings, but the one thing they all have in common is that they can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

The key is to spotlight the features and benefits that make your property a valuable FITNESS CENTER COMMUNITY. Your purpose is to have the best On-site fitness center in your local market so you can use it to find more customers. Your lease agents will be proud to show the fitness center to future residents. Having a quality Fitness Center in the Apartment complex where you live is one of the top reasons new clients will sign the lease. Here are some tips to get the most out of your Apartment fitness center community.

1. Add some features to make it feel like a real Health Club!

First, you need to put in Health Club Quality, commercial grade, fitness equipment like you see at the Gym. Then you need to make your fitness center appealing and popular which means making it feel like a real Gym with carpeting or flooring; installing mirrors to open up the room. Make sure your residents feel like they are getting a FREE Health Club membership.

2. Make your property the expert in fitness training.

apartment fitness facility

Personal Training

Highlight your “apartment fitness center community” in your brochure, your presentations, and advertisements.

“If you want to live a healthy fitness lifestyle, you should be living here”

Some Apartment Communities will even make a deal with Local personal trainers in the area.  So they can trainer the residents inside the Apartment fitness community Gym.

3. Get your future residents to your Gym, first.

Apartment Fitness Center

Apartment Fitness Center

Bring your future residents to the fitness center FIRST, and let them do a workout. Show them that your property is the best place to live a successful Healthy Fitness Lifestyle. Every person is either on a fitness workout program or wishes they were.

4. Use the Internet to promote your fitness center community.

Make a video tour of your fitness center and post it to Youtube. Then simply embed the Youtube video link on the homepage of your website. Tag it with local keywords so the video gets found in your local market searches. Your future residents are using the Internet FIRST before they visit a property.

Take great photos of your On-site fitness center and put them first in your slideshow. It is hard to find an apartment property who displays their On-site fitness center as important. And understands it is a great sales vehicle as good as any other they can use. Make your fitness center jump off the page & set your property ahead of your competition.

5. Keep your residents using the fitness center.

It’s easier to retain residents than it is to replace them – and you’re more likely to keep them if you can keep them using your fitness center. Give your residents reasons to use the fitness center weekly. Hold contests, fitness group classes, and seminars. Create a center of activity around your fitness center, and build a popular fitness community.  

Do Not Make These 8 Mistakes when setting up your On-Site Apartment Fitness Center.

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