Why Gym Equipment Rental Is Best



Why GYM Equipment Rental is Best as a Monthly Service

to provide a Fitness Center inside your business!


Why do you want to purchase or lease YOUR gym equipment?


Why do you want to pay for, schedule, and manage all the maintenance and then get a bill for the repairs?

I know your answer. Because that’s the way we have always done it!


Look, how business is getting done is changing, and for the better.


WATCH VIDEO, about why Gym Equipment as a service is the new way business is getting done. 



It’s like leasing, but with all the maintenance and repairs INCLUDED and you can cancel with an EASY 30-day notice! Rent Gym Equipment.


You are going to LOVE the Liability folder we create for your business. WATCH VIDEO NOW.

Renting GYM Equipment is the best value you can find. WATCH VIDEO…


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Renting Gym Equipment is your best option if you operate: Corporate Fitness Center, Hotel Gym, Condo or Multi-Family HOA, Country Club, University Gym, Government agency, or Active 55+ Senior Residential Property.


The BEST locations to Rent Gym Equipment: Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Reno Nevada, Spokane Washington, California, Las Vegas, Phoenix Arizona, Boise Idaho and Dallas Texas

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