Corporate Wellness Programs Create A Culture Of Health


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Corporate Wellness Programs Create A Culture Of Health


According to Seth Serxner, Ph.D., MPH, it’s not just about physical wellness.

It’s Not Just About Physical Wellness


Financial security is linked to physical and mental health for many consumers. Employees often cite financial uncertainty as causing the most stress, even more than their job, health or relationships. Indeed, 60 percent of employees report being somewhat or very stressed about their financial situation, up from 50 percent in 2013, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch study.

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More than ever, conversations about health and wellness include the importance of total well-being — physical, behavioral, financial and social. Despite this rising awareness, however, employer responses to Optum’s survey indicate much more is needed to achieve this holistic approach. While physical health wellness programs are nearly universal, other aspects of well-being lag behind.

When asked, “What aspects of employee well-being does your health and wellness strategy address,” employers responded as follows:

  • 95% address physical health
  • 65% address behavioral health
  • 44% address social health
  • 37% address financial health  (READ MORE)



Corporate Wellness Programs Create A Culture Of Health


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Lewis Fein is a writer and a health care advocate

Professional productivity is not sustainable without a commitment to personal wellness. Attempts to promote the former while ignoring the latter only make the first goal improbable and the second subject impossible. Or: When searching for a way to increase alertness and energy, it is essential to find a supplement that is safe, effective and the result of the strictest quality control standards. READ MORE

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Corporate Wellness Programs Create A Culture Of Health