How To Rent Gym Equipment Video





How To Rent Gym Equipment Saving Time & Money.




You need to put a Gym into your Business and you want to do it right, and save money.  

Don’t go it alone, hire the experts to do it for you.

 Rent Health Club quality gym equipment on a month to month agreement that includes all the maintenance and repairs are Free Forever.

We only rent the top Health Club brands like Life Fitness, Star Trac, Cybex, and Precor.

What you get is a simple month to month agreement to make your on-site Gym a turn-key and successful amenity with no unexpected costs.  We professional install our gym equipment into your facility.  And we send in our fitness technicians to do the preventive maintenance to keep your fitness center in top operating condition. 

If we have a recurring problem gym machine then we replace it with a new one.  We make the promise to you to repair or replace a broken fitness machine within 7 days or less.

This monthly rental agreement is easy to get started and even easier to cancel if it’s not the best option for your business. 

Do not make the same mistakes that 78% of companies make when they set up their on-site gym inside their business.

Do not purchase the gym equipment your fitness center needs.

Do not let your employees waste their time managing your fitness center.

Do not get burned by the local gym equipment technician.

Make your on-site gym our problem. Rent it and forget about it. Call our office today and get your fitness center proposal.

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