Why You Want To Rent Gym Equipment

Why You Want To Rent Gym Equipment.



RENT Health Club Quality Gym Equipment on only a month-to-month agreement that includes regular equipment maintenance and FREE repairs forever.  This is Why You Want To Rent Gym Equipment.


Gym Equipment as a month to month Service.



We are in business to make operating an On-site Fitness Center EASY, and at a lower cost of operation. Our Mission Statement is to make it EASY & less expensive, so more On-site fitness facilities are available to help people who want to live a Healthy Fitness Lifestyle where they Live, Work, and Travel.


We help people achieve their healthy fitness lifestyle where they LIVE by helping Multi-Family Apartments, Condo Association properties, and Student Housing. Where they WORK, by helping Corporate Fitness centers. Where they TRAVEL and Visit, by helping the Hotel Gym, and Senior Centers.

Hello from Steve Paterson & Family, after 20 years selling professional Gym equipment I have created the Rent Fitness Equipment option to better serve the On-site Fitness Center.

Knowing that commercial gym equipment depreciates in value, 70% in just 2 years. Buying the fitness equipment your Company needs is not an ASSET. And the ‘COST‘ of ownership is much higher than the cost to purchase the gym equipment.

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