Self Insured Companies Provide Treadmill Desk Workstations For Employees

Looking For The Best ROI From Your Wellness Dollars?

Self Insured Companies are open to trying new things to improve the Wellness of their employees.  And getting the most ‘Bang for the buck is important. This work while walking workstation delivers.

In todays Business climate, employee Wellness is not a choice, but a mission.

We have discovered some preliminary Wellness cost ROI.  Your return on Wellness investment when you provide the Treadmill Workstation is less than $.75 cents for every hour an employee walks and works at the same time.  And the value to the employee and the Business by having employees walk at least one hour, every work-day, is evolutionary.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company will provide this Enterprise quality Treadmill Desk Workstation, on a month to month agreement.  That includes all the maintenance and repair of the Workstation.