Renting Fitness Equipment One Machine At A Time

Many of our Clients get started by Renting just one fitness machine.

Get started Renting Health Club quality fitness equipment with only one machine.  Adding more fitness equipment as your machines continue to break over time.

Many of our potential clients already have an existing on-site fitness facility filled with equipment.  The problem is the fitness equipment is getting old and keeps breaking.  Adding costly repairs that are UNEXPECTED and outside the budget.

We show our future clients that next time one of the treadmills BREAKS, do not repair it.  Give us a call and we will deliver just 1 treadmill.  We will deliver it on a month to month Rental agreement.  Our professional fitness equipment technicians will maintain “OUR” treadmill and keep it in tip top condition.

Then as the gym equipment your company owns continues to break.  We will just add another treadmill.  Then an elliptical cross trainer.   And continue this process until your fitness facility is RISK-FREE with Health Club quality gym machines and regularly maintained by our professional crew.  

NEVER AGAIN will you get a Bill to pay that was unexpected and outside the budget.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company started in 2004 and has Happy Clients renting for 9 years.  Our Mission statement is to make your On-site fitness facility EASY, and within budget.