Renting Fitness Equipment Is The Greatest Value You Can Find


Watch this video to see why Renting fitness equipment is the greatest value you can find.

Many of our potential clients look at the monthly rental cost and try to compare it to making a purchase of the fitness equipment. But the cost of ownership of commercial quality fitness machines is much greater than the purchase price.

There are three costs that must be factored into the equation.

You have huge expense of the purchase price. Then you have the cost of preventive maintenance and service over the lifetime of the fitness equipment. And you also have the cost of the replacement parts that are needed as these machines are used many hours a day and replacement parts are required and very expensive.

What we explain to our clients is that the monthly rental expense handles the cost of the fitness equipment purchase price. Takes care of all the regular preventive maintenance & service. Handles the creation and upkeep of the Google drive liability folder. And includes the bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers all replacement parts when needed.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company removes all of your hidden costs. Keeps your risks lower with Liability Folder. Schedules and maintains all of your fitness equipment maintenance and keeps the equipment in good & safe condition. While performing all repairs at no expense or management by your staff.