Make Conference Calls on a Treadmill Desk

Your Best Conference Calls Are Made Walking On A Treadmill Desk.

Make your next conference call a success while walking on a treadmill desk.

Let me share with you from personal experience.  Walking on a treadmill desk workstation while you are on a conference call, WORKS.  I am so addicted to the process I try to schedule all my conference calls around the times I have access to my Treadmill Desk.

The working station on our Professional ENTERPRISE quality treadmill desk is large enough to handle a laptop and a tablet.  A drink of choice and a smart phone.  I prefer to wear my headset when I’m engaged in my conference calls.

I also wear a FitBit because I enjoy keeping track of my steps walked during my Conference calls.  

The office of the future will included walking workstations for everyone to enjoy.

Let me introduce to you our newest application we call our POWER-WALK Conference Room.  This is where you have multiple Treadmill Workstations all facing the center of the conference room and every participant is walking and talking.   This really gets the face to face conferences ROCKING.   

Do not forget where you heard about this POWER-WALK Conference room, first.  The Rent Fitness Equipment Company loves making conference calls on our Treadmill Desk Workstations.