Liability Folder For Your Rental Fitness Facility

You are going to love the ” Liability Folder “we create and maintain for your company.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things we do for your Company is producing a Liability Folder in Google drive.

We started keeping a detailed Liability folder for our clients because so many on-site fitness facilities had big LIABILITY issues.  These issues stemmed from residential, (non commercial), quality fitness equipment provided for users inside the fitness facility.

The next big problem was the lack of regular preventive maintenance & service on the gym equipment.    And routine safety inspections to assure the fitness machines were in SAFE condition and placed in a SAFE position.

Watch this video to understand everything we do to reduce your liability risk-score.  So if somebody hurts themself while working out inside your fitness facility, they will not be able to claim NEGLIGENCE on your part.

Your Google drive liability folder has pictures and complete details from every visit.  Explaining what was serviced,  what parts were replaced and on what Dates this occurred.

What is your ON-site fitness center’s LIABILITY RISK SCORE?

Are you sure that all your fitness equipment is Commercial grade and is built to be used more than 4 hours each day?

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company can protect your risk.