Cybex Arc Trainer Rentals

Cybex Arc Trainers for your fitness center on a month to month Rental

The Cybex Arc Elliptical Cross Trainer is a crowd pleaser.  Rent It.

This fitness machine is perfect for ON-site fitness centers inside Hotels, Corporations, Condo Associations. HOA, Medical centers, Apartment & Multi Family properties.

Cybex Arc trainer manufacture Features.

The “Total Body” Cybex Arc Trainer has all of the  popular features and adds cross trainer arms conveniently designed with grips that enable you to work on either upper or lower body muscles.

This is the patented Same Side Forward (SSF) configuration, which allows you to maintain correct posture at any degree of ramp incline. The high intensity user can lean forward without placing excess stress on the back. You can choose from a wide variety of resistance levels: from 0 to 900 Watts. The reciprocal movement of the footplates allows for an accurate foot path in a natural (arc) motion, creating a relaxed feel. Four-bar linkage input arms keep the footplates at a constant angle with the floor. Reducing stress on the foot and ankle. The Total Body Arc Trainer offers extreme durability and can be used 10 hours every day.

Eddy-current brake resistance and lubricated ball-bearings permit high power outputs at low brake speeds. The movable arms create a curvilinear path that minimizes shoulder/elbow deviation and stress. The Cybex Arc Trainer which can accommodate exercisers of up to 400 lbs, also comes with front-mounted wheels to make the Arc Trainer more portable inside your Gym.

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