Spinning Classes Inside Condo Associations

Spinning Classes Inside Condo Associations Provide Cost Effective Fitness Programming.

Condo Spinning Class

Condo Associations

The home owners inside a condo association want a professional on-site fitness center.  And they don’t want to pay very much in monthly fee’s for the fitness center amenity.

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Here is a popular idea to add fitness class programming to your on-site condo association fitness center that the condo home owners will enjoy.

Spinning bike group exercise classes at professional Health Clubs are very popular.  The key to a popular group spinning classes is the teacher running the class out in front and leading the spin class.

Great teachers guarantee high attendance and success.

Of course the condo association management cannot afford to pay for a spinning class teacher.   But you can afford to pay $25 for the best spin class teachers in America.   And have them teach your spinning classes 7 days a week, all for a one time price of $25.

You do this by going to www.Spinning.com and purchase a DVD of group spinning classes filmed with the most popular teachers in America.  Put a flat screen TV monitor on the wall and you have a group fitness class programming on-site.

More about the details of providing a spinning class inside your condo association.

You start by Renting as few as 2 spinning bikes or as many as 10 spin bikes.   Start small until the condo home owners demand more bikes to increase their spinning class size. 

The idea is to put 2 or more spinning bikes facing a wall in the fitness center.   And then you mount an LCD flat screen TV that has DVD playing capabilities.  You can simply do this buying a flat screen TV with a DVD player that costs less than $100 and does not need to be connected to Cable,  internet, or a DSL line.   Just plug the TV into an electrical outlet and mount it on the wall, simple. And the speakers are built into the LCD flat screen..

Then  go to spinning.com and buy a couple of spinning class DVDs that have a popular spinning class instructor teaching a group spinning class.  Place a mini shelf next to the LCD screen and let the condo home owners start their own spinning class at agreed upon starting times so multiple home owners can all join in the classes together.   The popular instructor is on the TV monitor and the condo home owners are on the spinning bikes following along the instructors commands and getting fit together.


spinning class

Spinning Class DVD

This is a low-cost way to add fitness programming to your condo association onsite fitness center.

So you can add a fitness center spinning class programming and keep costs low.  You satisfy your condo association home owners and your management team are the hero’s.

Now the problem with spinning bikes is they require a lot of maintenance to keep them tuned-up and working properly to keep all the users happy.

When you rent your spinning bike class from the Rent Fitness Equipment Company my professional service techs will come in and keep your spinning bikes in optimal working condition.

You can provide this great fitness program feature inside your Condo association gym.  In the same space as the rest of your on-site gym equipment is placed.   

So you have a great space of gym equipment to satisfy every home owners exercise needs.  And then you add this fitness programming feature to make your on-site fitness facility feel like a real Health Club feature.

The most effective way to LIVE a healthy fitness lifestyle is where you live.  And the best way to please the home owners is to provide popular fitness programming by implementing the spinning class feature to your onsite fitness facility.

When you purchase the spinning bikes for your Condo association, the regular maintenance becomes your problem.  When you RENT your spinning bikes the maintenance becomes our problem.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company was designed to serve the Condo association fitness facility.  Adding value to the home owners with popular fitness programming like exciting spinning class programs is an added value we love to provide you.

Then our Mission Statement is making your on-site fitness facility EASY, is just what we do for you.

Because we give you an easy 30 day cancellation procedure all you need to do is get a monthly BUDGET approved.  This is not  a Lease or Purchase contract.   This is a simple month-to-month Rental so it is very EASY to get started and even easier to Cancel if it’s not the best option for your Condo Association.

Think about it.  No long-term commitment to approve.   Never receive an unexpected expense.  Make it easy to get the monthly budget approved.  And if your home owners are not happy with our service they can decide to FIRE my Company and move onto their next option they think is best.

If we do not SERVE your Condo association month after month then we lose and not you.


So call our office today, 1-877-736-8348 or send us an email for more information Rent@RentFitnessEquipment.com.

Once you start using the Rental option you will never return to the Purchase or Lease option.