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We had 5 separate Job Corps training centers contact us about the same time.  Because they have an onsite fitness center at every Campus and they were placed with a buying freeze.   They were given a monthly budget to take care of the recreation fitness facilities.  But they could not purchase any new gym equipment to serve the Job Corps students.

Government Fitness Center

The Rent Gym Equipment option was exactly what they needed.  They had a monthly budget to take care of the Job Corps recreation onsite fitness centers.  But they were on a buying Freeze.

The Job Corps management was frantically online doing Google searches to find solutions to serve the students onsite recreation fitness facility.

You know who they found.

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company with the first onsite Rental fitness equipment option.  Now the Job Corps has the rental option that came to their RESCUE.

The students who are educated at the Job Corps campus are very ‘TOUGH’ on the fitness equipment inside the recreation faciity.  So management had many expensive repairs and maintenance problems to deal with.

The Rent Gym Equipment option was a perfect fit for the Job Corps campuses.

If you have the same problem, then contact us today.  Get your Government run onsite fitness facility Assessment to see how much monthly budget is needed to service your students or employees.

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