GYMS as a SERVICE A Plug N’ Play On-site Fitness Center



Just Plug N’ Play Your On-site Gym.


GYMS as a SERVICE. Well, it’s a simple monthly service that gets your Onsite gym professionally set up in the best design for your gym space.  


Everything is thought out for you and all you need to do is provide the people to use your GYM.

You’re never concerned with the maintenance, quality, or the REPAIRS of the Gym equipment.

We handle the expensive costs of purchasing the Health Club quality gym equipment, all the maintenance, and all REPAIRS.

And we deliver the appropriate ‘SIGNAGE’ and Fitness-Theme-Decorations to make your facility complete.

IMAGINE, if you could just plug-in a Gym with a monthly service. Fix your monthly expense, provide a professional GYM that serves your business the best. While saving you the most amount of money.

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Renting Gym Equipment

Do you want to hear a quick story about WHY I started the GYMS as a SERVICE industry?

My name is Steve Paterson and my Journey started right out of College when I got a job selling Gym equipment to “On-site” fitness center properties. 

On-site fitness centers are the non-membership gyms inside Apartments, Corporate fitness, Hotels, and Condo Associations.

My job was to travel and visit as many on-site Gyms as I could and check out the fitness center facilities that were being provided. 

Then, get to know the managers and see if I could provide a better option than what they were currently offering. 

Being a young man and having grown up working out at Health Clubs in the Los Angeles area. I was very disappointed at what I found on my visits to these on-site Gyms.

When I realized how UNDERSERVED the On-site Gym industry was. I just had to do something about it. This was “MY INDUSTRY,” and I was determined to solve this problem. 

I just had to find a SOLUTION, and do it better than any other Company could.

So I began to interview the managers at 100’s of gyms across America that were providing an on-site Gym. 

Asking them questions and recording the answers.

What I learned turned into My-Big-Idea, and I got very excited.  

I went right to work on my new SOLUTION.

What I created was a new way of serving the On-site Gym industry. 

I call it 

 “GYMS as a SERVICE.” 

or “G.a.a.S.”

It’s an all-inclusive Plug ‘N Play monthly service.

I knew building a business of this magnitude would not be easy.  

This was going to be a VERY EXPENSIVE project for me and my New Company.  

So I had to get my finances in order. I sold my expensive home in Mission Viejo California and moved my family to a small city where I could operate my new business with as low-overhead as possible.  

I chose Coeur d’Alene Idaho as my best location to run my virtual business on a shoestring budget. This freed up my Capital so I can better serve my clients in hundreds of United States Cities.  

I took the money I made selling my California home and I used it to buy the Gym equipment to supply my new clients.

I convinced the investors I needed and launched my new Company in 2004.

GYMS as a SERVICE was born, and what a simple and CONVENIENT service it is.

We look after YOUR best interests and provide a professional GYM for you to offer your people. All you have to do is BUDGET the monthly service fee and everything else is taken care of.

Gyms as a service

Let me ask you a question?  

If you could just plug in a Gym with a monthly service. Fix your monthly expenses, and provide a professional GYM that will serve your people the best. And save you the most amount of money. WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED?

Would you give me your email address & phone # so we can discuss how this service can help your business?   

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Okay, so you want more information first, I totally understand.

Let me explain what I found when I was touring on-site gyms across America.

My conversations with the managers were one of confusion and disappointment. These managers were experienced running their business. But now they were given the task of offering a Fitness Center Amenity they knew nothing about.

When I asked them what they thought about the task? They all said they were unsure and concerned about how to do it. 

“We had no idea it would be so time-consuming and expensive.”

Then I asked; “What was your first step to getting it done?”  

“We went to Google and looked for local businesses that sold fitness equipment. Gave them a call and told them we needed to buy Gym equipment.”

These calls to the local vendors invited the SALESMEN to 

come in to sell their products to make a big commission check.

So I asked; “Were these gym equipment sales reps helpful?

The response was; “NO, They just kept asking for the deposit check.” 

The more questions the managers asked the more the sales reps just wanted a check to start the order.  

When the managers asked the reps questions like; 

“How does the warranty work?”  

“What happens when the fitness equipment breaks?”   

“What if we are not happy and our clients are not happy?”

The rep’s answer was always the same. “Don’t worry about all of that, just give us that check and we will be here for you. You have a 3-year warranty so you have nothing to worry about.” . . . (Oh Really!)

Then I told the managers about my experiences when I toured hundreds of on-site fitness centers.

I explained that what I noticed as a big problem was the detailed record keeping of the regular maintenance. And how important this was from a LIABILITY standpoint. 

When I asked the managers to see their detailed maintenance records they received from their fitness technician company. Nobody had one to show me.

When I asked them who was doing the regular preventive maintenance? They said; “Nobody. We just called for service when a machine was broken.”

The gyms that actually had a maintenance and service agreement were not getting reports showing what was serviced and when, and what was repaired.

Then my next question was; “Your sales rep told you, you to have a 3-year warranty so don’t worry about anything.” 

Once your Gym equipment was installed, how often did they come in and do service? ANSWER; “Never”

I asked; “Are you happy with your service techs performance?”  

All the managers agreed that the service was not good, to say the least. And broken parts being replaced under the warranty agreement never happened. Because they were all wear parts that broke. And ‘WEAR-PARTS’ are not covered by the warranty. 

“We always had to bring out our checkbook and pay for repairs.”

My next BIG QUESTION; “Hey managers, in the last 3 years how much money have you spent repairing and maintaining your gym equipment?” They all answered the same. “WE HAVE NO IDEA.”

So when I told them to go to the bookkeeper and find out. They were astonished at how much money they had spent on expenses outside the approved budget. The HIDDEN costs were unbelievable.

Then I would ask; “When you had problems that needed to be solved and you called your sales rep, did he even call you back?” Everyone answered the same; “NO!”

So after you paid the big check I said, you were pretty much left on your own? And the answer was; “YES!”

My next question; “If you had to do it again would you do it differently if you could just plug in a ‘GYMS as a SERVICE’ and have everything handled for you?” They all said; “YES.”

My final question; “What else do I need to say to get you to give me your email address & contact information and let me help you with your on-site fitness facility?” 

They all answered; “I am ready to give you a shot.”

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After you fill out the Web-Form you will get a 

58-page PRESENTATION PACKET sent by FedEx. A proposal of the monthly SERVICE COST, and a professional gym layout of your Fitness Space.

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