Renting Gym Equipment Is Best For Your Fitness Center.

Renting Gym Equipment. When it comes to renting gym equipment, nothing we do is about us, it’s all about YOU!  


Renting Gym Equipment is your most INNOVATIVE way to provide an On-Site Fitness Center.


GYMS as a Service, ( G.a.a.S ), is the New-Way on-site Fitness Centers are getting done!

renting gym equipment

Why Renting Gym Equipment Is Best.

I started the Rent Fitness Equipment Company to solve a big problem for our clients that have to provide a professional Onsite fitness center to serve their own clients. 


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Renting Gym Equipment Is All About Your Fitness Center.

And everything we do is about serving your clients and taking care of your needs month after month. We do not brag about how fast our monthly rental revenues are growing. Because we know the only thing that matters to you, is your on-site fitness center.  

Your fitness center and taking care of your people is the only thing that matters to YOU.  Thus, this is what matters to us. You do not care how many customers we serve, or how much monthly revenue we bring in. Or, how long our average customer keeps renting month after month from us. None of this information has any value to you.

We know it’s all about you. And we know that if we don’t prove ourselves every single month, then we will go out of business very quickly. In addition, it’s  all about what we can do for YOU!  

Renting Gym Equipment.

It’s all about how long we can prove our value month after month to earn your long-term business.   Every month we have the option to underperform, or over perform, for YOU.  Your fitness center needs become our problem and not your problem anymore.

Renting Gym Equipment is different than LEASING because you only sign a month to month agreement.  And it includes all the maintenance & when a Fitness machine BREAKS, you don’t pay for it.

Why do you want to manage the regular preventive maintenance and oversee the technicians you hire to be sure they are doing all the maintenance properly?  Why do you want to pay for broken machines?  How do you budget the cost of broken machines?  How do you know you are not paying too much for the repairs needed?

YOU Get The Best Gym Equipment.

I know the best Health Club quality gym machines to place inside your fitness center.  I know, from experience, which machines have a proven track record for being the most reliable under heavy daily use.

My Rent Fitness Equipment Company has been helping businesses operate fitness centers for 30 years and I know how to help you save money!  

I have never met a business that enjoys managing the maintenance and repairs of their fitness equipment.  You hire “Fitness Techs” but they are not looking after your best interests.

Fitness Techs LOVE IT When Your Gym Equipment Breaks!  

Because their income depends on it.  You pay for preventive maintenance and your Gym equipment still breaks. You spend the money and you keep getting “BILLS” to keep your equipment working properly.  And the bad news is you have NO IDEA how much money you are losing every year.  

Do You believe me?  

Ask your accountant to add up all the money you wasted last year on service contracts and repairs.  Shocked is your reaction when you get the final numbers.

You try to establish a yearly budget but it never works out.  

The hidden costs are frightening and it never ends.

When purchasing Gym equipment how are you supposed to know what machines are the most reliable and best for your fitness facility? 

You have to rely on the fitness equipment sales rep sitting in front of you and all he cares about is his commission paycheck.

I have years of experience and I know the most reliable gym equipment models that will hold up under heavy use.  

My business success depends on it.

When gym equipment gets installed, performing outstanding preventive maintenance is required.  Regular maintenance is required so your gym equipment does not break. 

Once you have reliable gym machines in your facility, then maintenance is VITAL.  The service techs you hire love it when your machines break because they make more money!

When you are renting gym equipment my Company has to pay for the repairs when the gym equipment breaks.  

That’s why it’s important to ME to do outstanding maintenance.  

Every maintenance visit we keep track of how many miles and hours are recorded on each machine.  This is important because some machines get 400% more use based on where they are located inside your facility.  

Some of the fitness machines get used 400% more than others and will wear out faster.  So our technicians rearrange the positions of the machines inside the Gym. The machines that get used the most are moved to where the least used machines are located.  

Our technicians move the fitness equipment around the gym to make sure no machine gets worn out. 

Your Treadmills create an electromagnetic current when operating and this draws the dust from the air into the treadmill, under the treadmill, and in between the running belt and deck. This will cause all sorts of problems.  So we vacuum underneath every treadmill on each visit.  And remove the dust accumulation from under the running belt.


Our secret weapon for treadmills is “Treadmill-Wax.”  This goes under the running belt every 150 miles that a treadmill is used.  The Treadmill manufacturers like to tell fitness techs they do not need to use this wax because their running belts are self-waxing.  The truth is that properly used treadmill wax can increase the lifespan of your treadmill belts 300%.

I Learned This From Experience!

Because treadmills are the most expensive to purchase and maintain we give them the most attention.  We take an AMP reading on every maintenance visit to test how hard the treadmill motor is working.  There are a few reasons for this, but when we see the AMP draw increase we know what to do.  And we do it BEFORE it causes the electronics to burn out. Which means a very expensive repair bill.

When it comes to your other gym equipment like the elliptical cross trainers, bikes, stair machines, and rowers.  We actually upgrade the chains and bearings to meet our stringent requirements.  Because the Companies that make the gym equipment love it when you have to pay for repairs. But we hate it.


Rent Fitness Equipment

Rent Fitness Equipment


Now Let’s look at your 2nd BIGGEST problem, LIABILITY!

Renting Gym Equipment is the only service I have ever found that helps you reduce the chance of getting SUED! 

The Rent Fitness Equipment Company takes this problem very seriously and is our second most popular service we provide to you. When Renting Gym Equipment we create a “LIABILITY FOLDER” for your facility, let me explain how it works.

The day we install our gym equipment into your facility we make sure all the equipment is positioned in the safest manner.  Then we take photos of all the machines inside your facility.  These photos are dated and show that your facility is set up SAFE for the users.

Thus all this data is saved in a Google drive folder for you.  Then on every maintenance or repair visit, we log what was done.  Take photos of the process.  Include a dated, detailed report.  Then we photograph all the gym equipment on EVERY visit.  This is saved in your Google drive digital folder.

However, we hope you never have to access this folder.  But when a person reports they hurt themselves while working out. Your attorneys will be very happy to have it. It proves that regular preventive maintenance has been performed. And performed properly with all the details.


liability safety sign

SAFETY Sign We Place In Your Fitness Center

Types of Companies we serve: RENTING GYM EQUIPMENT: Corporate Fitness, Multifamily Apartments, Condo Associations (HOA), Hotels, Student Housing, Medical Rehab, Senior 55+ Active Communities, Government Agencies, Universities.


The Best Cities For Renting Gym Equipment: Seattle WA., Tacoma WA., Bellevue WA., Redmond WA., Puyallup WA., Kent WA., Olympia WA., Portland OR., Vancouver OR., Beaverton OR., Reno NV., Sparks NV., Sun Valley NV., Las Vegas NV., Boise ID., Coeur d’Alene ID., Spokane WA., Phoenix AZ., Scottsdale AZ., Tempe AZ., Glendale AZ., Mesa AZ., Chandler AZ., Los Angeles CA., San Diego CA., San Francisco CA., Southern CA., Northern CA., Dallas TX., Houston TX.

After Renting Gym Equipment you will be supplied with only the best Health Club Quality Gym Brands.  Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, and Star Trac.  

Thus we supply the most popular workout machines such as Treadmills, Elliptical Cross Trainers, Upright & recumbent exercise bikes, Spinning bikes, circuit machines, dumbbell sets, multi-gyms, and free weight equipment. 

Your on-site fitness center will look like the best membership selling Gyms and please all the people using your facility. 


Renting Gym Equipment is your BEST Value. WATCH VIDEO.


DO NOT Make These 7 Mistakes!

#1) Do Not buy less than full Commercial grade, (Health Club quality), gym equipment.    

It is very common to see light commercial or residential quality gym equipment inside the fitness center.  This is done because the cost to purchase commercial grade fitness equipment is expensive.  If you read the small print in the warranty it will say this equipment is not for use in a commercial Gym that is used more than 4 hours a day.

When you provide Commercial Gym equipment quality you don’t have to worry about it.  If a person gets hurt on a non Commercial grade machine all the liability becomes yours. You can’t take the fitness equipment sales person’s word for it.



#2) DO NOT get burned by the local gym equipment service technician.

Expensive Mistakes

One big problem for a commercial fitness facility is the hired fitness equipment technician.  The Gym industry does not have a legal certification license for gym equipment technicians.

Gym equipment tech 


It is your responsibility to hire the right technicians to maintain and repair your gym equipment properly. When your machines become dangerous because they are in disrepair, it is YOUR problem.  Not the fitness techs.

The problem is the local fitness tech makes money selling you replacement parts.  

Your staff has no idea what repair parts cost or what preventive maintenance is actually NEEDED to Prevent break-downs. A fitness tech could tell you your treadmill needs a new drive motor on your treadmill when actually you only need your electronics repaired.  Once the electronics are repaired your drive motor will work

A fitness tech will tell you your treadmill needs a new drive motor when you only need your electronics repaired.  Once the electronics are repaired your drive motor will work perfectly again.   How are you supposed to know this?

We call it the WOLF guarding the Hen House.  It is not in the techs best interest to perform great preventive maintenance.  

When renting gym equipment it is now in our best interest to perform Outstanding Preventive Maintenance to make sure OUR machines and their parts last as long as possible.  

Because we have to pay for it.  NOT YOU!


#3) Do Not purchase the gym equipment your Business needs.

Commercial gym equipment depreciate’s by about 70% in just 2 years.  PURCHASING or Leasing the fitness equipment for your business is not an. . . ‘APPRECIATING ASSET’.  And your hidden cost for maintenance and repairs will get out of hand.


#4)  Don’t think your manufactures warranty covers the preventive maintenance and parts replacement.

When you purchase or lease your gym equipment your warranty will say something like this.  You get 2 years of parts replacement and 1 year of labor included in your purchase price.  

But when you read the small print you realize the labor included is only to REPLACE a defective part within the warranty period.  And it does not include the maintenance YOU are required to perform to keep your Gym equipment up to par.

If you have a breakdown and call in the manufacture’s tech to fix the problem.   They will ask you for your maintenance records to show you have been doing regular maintenance.  If you cannot provide these records then you will get the usual reply.

“Your warranty is VOID because you did not do regular maintenance.”

It is YOUR equipment and YOUR responsibility.  Not the manufacturer that sold or leased you the gym equipment.


#5) Do Not purchase a service/maintenance contract that does not cover the cost of the repair parts.

When you try to do it right and hire a Company to do the regular maintenance, you still have a problem.  If your maintenance contract does not include FREE replacement parts then you have set yourself up to get overcharged for replacement parts when a gym machine breaks down.

Maintenance companies make most of their money selling you expensive replacement parts for your fitness equipment.  So the company you are paying to prevent your equipment from breaking down.  Has an incentive to sell you more replacement parts.


#6) Do Not neglect the proper cleaning of the treadmills and your other cardio machines.

This TIP here is the difference between Outstanding Preventive Maintenance and Not-Outstanding.

Your cardio machines need the plastic shell covers removed on every preventive maintenance visit.  Because all the dust and dirt that has built up inside the machines stick to the electronics, chains, and bearings.  And must be removed with a vacuum.

Your Cardio machines create an electromagnetic current that sucks all the dust from the air into the machine mechanisms.  This dust clings to the electronics and eventually will cause the electronics to burnout causing equipment breakdowns.

Especially important is to tip the treadmill on its side and vacuum out the dust and dirt built up underneath the treadmills.   This dirt will get under the treadmill running belt and increase the friction and shorten the lifespan of your treadmill.

When your fitness equipment technician shows up to do a preventive maintenance without a vacuum, you know you are in for trouble.

Renting Gym Equipment brings in the most experienced equipment technicians to perform OUTSTANDING preventive maintenance. Keeping meticulous records on every maintenance visit.


#7) DO NOT forget to teach your employees, residents, or guests, that use your Gym, to do a simple safety evaluation every time they use the fitness facility.

Simply place our Safety Signs inside your fitness center.

“If you Notice a broken machine please place an out-of-order sign on it and notify management.”  

Thank you for helping us keep our fitness center SAFE for everybody.”

The best option is to have a couple out-of-order signs hanging on a wall hook so they are easily available for any user to place it on a machine to raise the red flag.   Letting the users police the fitness center to help your management stay on top of potential liability problems is a SMART strategy.



Fill out our Rental Application, or call our office:  (877) 736-8348   and let us make your fitness center a successful program. The Rent Fitness Equipment Company.

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