Apartment Fitness Center Community

Make A Popular Apartment Fitness Center Community

Making your apartment fitness center community popular is great for the leasing effort. There was a time when just having an apartment fitness center set you apart from your competition. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Today, most Apartment MultiFamily properties have a fitness center. Now it’s 2015 and if you want your apartment fitness center to help you close more rental leases you have to do it right. Most of the apartment complex leasing agents,( MultiFamily Read more

Crappy on-site fitness facilities

Why Do Apartment MultiFamily Properties Have Crappy On-site Fitness Facilities?

Apartment properties need to stop providing crappy on-site fitness facilities.   After more than 20 years selling Commercial quality fitness equipment I have found Apartment multifamily properties to have the most crappy fitness equipment.  This is not because they don’t care, but because they have no idea how to do it properly. Now let’s get to the most important reason why a crappy quality on-site fitness facility hurts multifamily sales. BECAUSE it hurts the process Read more

Holiday Inn Fitness Center

NAI Black Rents Fitness Equipment Spokane Washington

NAI Black rents Commercial quality fitness equipment in Spokane Washington and so can you.   As possibly the largest property management company in the state of Washington.  NAI Black property management chose to rent the fitness equipment for an apartment complex multifamily property in Spokane. The management in charge chose the rental option because the one low monthly rental price included the regular fitness equipment maintenance.  And if the commercial fitness equipment breaks, NAI BLACK Read more