NIKE Rents Fitness Equipment

We were asked to provide 21 treadmills for the Okay Go Treadmill Dance because NIKE rents fitness equipment.

NIKE Rents Fitness Equipment

I received a frantic call from a NIKE employee that said they were scheduled for a big show and needed to rent 21 Health club quality treadmills for their big event.  

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The event was scheduled for 21 NIKE dancers to do the World famous Okay Go treadmill dance.  But they scheduled the event without any idea,  who would be able to supply 21 treadmills for the night.

This was a huge project that was very important for NIKE.  Their, you know what, were placed on the wall, and they were desperate.  The event was scheduled and the Okay Go band was scheduled and we had just 3 days to pull this off.

The task looked overwhelming.  We had to move #21, 500 pound treadmills onto the streets during rush hour.  We had to get police permits to move our trucks, crew and treadmills into position in the middle of the street.

Then we had to have a large work crew to move the treadmills into place.   Set them up in the street with electrical power all in perfect position.  And our crew had to stay around late into the night to remove the treadmills when the event was complete.

And our crew pulled it off and removed all the treadmills after midnight.

You can watch the Okay Go NIKE Video here

The NIKE people were so grateful and said we “Saved Their Butt”  and they were shocked that it actually worked perfect.  The event was a success and the treadmill dance with 21 dancers, in the street on the 21 treadmills, was awesome.  

Since this event we have been asked by NIKE to do more short-term fitness equipment rentals for other NIKE projects.

This is just one example of how we help large companies and movie production companies get the job done on short notice.  We can do the same for your Company too, in Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon areas.

What are your rent fitness equipment needs? 

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